BREAKING: Chip Roy, A Republican From Texas, Has Called For The Impeachment Of President Joe Biden And Mayorkas For The Border Crisis

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A Texas U.S. Representative, Chip Roy is now warning about the severity of the immigration problem at the US-Mexico border. Roy is now advocating that President Joe Biden and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas should be impeached due to their irresponsibility.

Roy accused Secretary Mayorkas of “impeachable conduct” in his handling of illegal immigration in a letter. Roy responded to allegations that the Trump administration is planning to repeal Title 42, the law that allowed the Trump administration to promptly remove illegal aliens who posed a threat to the country during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Texas Republican warned the Department of Homeland Security director that allowing the Act to expire would be “unconscionable and, without a doubt, an impeachable felony in and of itself.”

“As Secretary of Homeland Security, your mission is to safeguard the United States of America, which you do under oath to defend the Constitution. Yet you have willfully failed to do so, empowering criminal drug cartels, impairing Americans’ health, harming America’s economic health, allowing illegal migrants to ruin private property, and putting American residents in danger of physical violence,” U.S. representative Chip Roy said in a statement.

“These activities are acts of impeachable conduct as Secretary, as we have documented in part, and they are a call to action for Congress to hold you accountable,” said the representative. “Even if Congress were to set aside all of these previous actions that represent a breach of your duty and focus solely on the imminent decision you are purportedly planning to take, halting, particularly at this time, the enforcement of 42 U.S. Code 265 (Title 42) authority at the U.S. southern border,” Representative Roy continued to say in his statement, “we would still be duty-bound to impeach you.”

“In reality, your department has utilized Title 42 as the basis for virtually ALL of those denied entry since you became Secretary,” Roy continued. “Though more than 80% of applicants were turned away before to your appointment as DHS Secretary, just 50% are now, at least there was a halt.”

Representative Chip Roy went on the attack on the House floor just last month over the newly passed omnibus government spending measure. Representative Roy chastised lawmakers of both parties for applauding an appropriations package that did not address the challenges that everyday Americans face, such as the border situation, rising inflation and rising gasoline costs.

The Texan representative said, “Here we go again.” “We’re sitting here, on the verge of running out of government financing, and I hear all of my colleagues talking about how fantastic it is that we’re going to come up with some massive omnibus bill, and I’m hearing it from both sides of the aisle.” Nobody in America wants us to increase our expenditures in an irresponsible manner.”

“No one in America wants us to say, ‘Oh, let’s pat ourselves on the back now,’ because some of my Republican colleagues are saying, ‘Well, you know what, it’s time to ban Russian oil now.’ “Banning Russian oil isn’t enough if we don’t free up American oil and gas,” he said during his statement on the house floor.

“All we’re going to do is give more money to Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.” Nonetheless, this is being hailed as a win. And some of my Republican colleagues are responding, “OK, nice, yeah, this is fantastic.” My Democratic colleagues, on the other hand, are opposed to any oil. They don’t seem to bother if your petrol costs $4, $7, or $10 a gallon. Don’t get taken for a ride.

“However, my Republican colleagues are about to be taken advantage of,” the Texan representative said during his statement on the house floor. “Everyone back home is asking, ‘What are you going to do to get vaccination requirements repealed?’ “Nothing,” U.S. Representative Chip Roy replied, criticizing even his own colleagues inside his own political party for talking about certain measures and policies but also doing nothing to pass these measures.

“‘How are you going to keep the border secure?’ And my Republican colleagues will say things like, “Oh, don’t worry, we’ll give you more money for ICE, more money for Border Patrol.” But do you realize what that accomplishes? It aggravates the situation. Because you’re paying for individuals to be processed at our border, which is what Border Patrol and ICE do… It’s only going to make things worse. “And everyone who’s been to the border, who’s talked to Border Patrol, who’s talked to ICE understands it,” he stated.

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