BREAKING: The Biden Administration’s Immigration Policy, According To Stephen Miller, Is “Completely Impeachable”

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President Joe Biden’s “failed” immigration policy has been criticized by former White House adviser Stephen Miller. Miller said in an interview with Fox News that Biden had “rubbished and ruined” the US immigration system, calling Biden’s handling of immigration “absolutely impeachable.”

“What this administration has done is reduced Congress to a suggestion box,” Miller remarked. “This guy has demolished and blasted the whole Immigration and Nationality Act, which determines who can enter our country, how you apply for a visa, what regulations you have to follow, and where you have to apply from, as if he were an emperor.” As a result, it’s totally indefensible,” he continued.

“If this border calamity occurred in any other nation, even any liberal country in Europe, it would receive constant wall-to-wall media attention,” he added, adding that no country has seen or observed what the United States is going through under Biden. Sources told him, he said. Former Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson has declared a crisis in the presence of more than 1,000 illegal immigrants every day.

“We have to enforce border security,” Johnson recently told Fox News. “We’re currently at 8,000 apprehensions per day, plus 2,000 known got-aways per day, plus an unknown number of people that get through without anyone seeing or registering it,” Miller added.

“So your daily baseline is 10,000. Every week, a new metropolis, a mid-sized city, is founded exclusively of illegal immigration.” Miller, who formerly worked for Republican Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, said the migrant situation is “purposeful and deliberate.”

“Joe Biden inherited several very specific tools from President Trump that President Trump spent four years fighting to secure in our course to turn away illegal immigrants quickly, swiftly, and consistently,” he said, referring to the Remain-in-Mexico policy forged with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador.

“Joe Biden and his deputies at the White House Domestic Policy Council, led by Susan Rice, in a very premeditated and purposeful fashion, dismantled and ripped apart each one of these tools to bring us to where we are today.” After Title 42 protections are removed in coming weeks, the egress into the United States will be a “crisis without precedent in the recorded history of the modern nation-state,” Miller issued as a warning.

“My group has been involved in a number of litigation against his policies, and we spell out how he has broken the explicit command of Congress and the clear command of the Constitution in each of those lawsuits,” he said. “We won on Title 42 in one of the cases that we contested with Texas.” Another instance is with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, where he has been found to have repeatedly broken the law. And so, yeah, they are impeachable offenses, particularly because he has failed to comply with court injunctions when he has lost these lawsuits,” Miller said.

Surprisingly, it appears that even a senior Obama administration official agrees. Biden believes there is “no degree of defense that can counterbalance the tremendous push factors in Central America” that are driving the massive increase of illegal immigration at the southern border, according to Jeh Johnson, Obama’s former Secretary of Homeland Security. “When we hear from the government that they may see as many as 18,000 people crossing the border each day, it sounds impossible,” CBS presenter Margaret Brennan said during an interview. The government, according to Senate Democrats, is unprepared. “Do you think they’re right?”

“Without a question, there are huge numbers,” Johnson said after stating that DHS officials had assured him that they were “making plans, that they are prepared, that there are resources, transportation in place for this level of migration on our southern border.” DHS, I believe, has learned lessons from previous surges, including during my time in office. However, numbers this high on the southern border are impossible to manage. It’s tough to accept these kinds of numbers in practically any setting, whether it’s communities on the southern border, Catholic organizations, or volunteers. It’s difficult for the Border Patrol and ICE to handle and trace these people effectively.”

“So why haven’t we heard anything like that now?” Brennan inquired. Is it because the administration has received a lot of flak from progressive Democrats?” “Margaret,” Johnson answered, “I can only tell you about my personal experience dealing with this really tough situation.” “I’ve discovered that you have to repeat a message dozens and dozens of times before people start to hear it.” “However, the longer-term lesson is that migration is a market-driven process. It reacts quickly to information in the marketplace regarding increased or decreased enforcement on our southern border,” he added.

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