SHOCKING: If Stacey Abrams Wins, Ron DeSantis Predicts The Beginning Of A ‘Cold War’ Between Florida And Georgia

Photo Source: CBS News

In 2018, Stacey Abrams barely lost to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis stated on Friday that if Stacey Abrams wins Georgia’s governor race this fall, the two states would enter a “cold war.” According to The Hill, DeSantis remarked at a news conference on infrastructure that if Stacey Abrams is elected governor of Georgia, “there will be a cold war between Florida and Georgia.” “I can’t have Castro to my south and Abrams to my north; it’d be a nightmare,” he said, referring to Cuba. “So I’m hoping you guys take care of it, and we’ll be OK.” He went on to say that he “truly values our Georgians.”

Stacey Abrams is now a millionaire and is running for governor of Georgia. Georgia gubernatorial contender has a net worth of $3.17 million, according to her. Stacey Abrams claims to be a millionaire now. According to state records filed in March, the Democrat has a net worth of $3.17 million. When she initially ran for governor of Georgia four years ago, she had a net worth of $109,000. In 2018, then-gubernatorial contender Brian Kemp chastised Abrams for owing the IRS $54,000. Kemp won the general election over Abrams. Now, as she prepares to run for government for the second time, the voting rights campaigner claims that criticism of her current situation is ironic.

Abrams said that she did not pay her self-employment taxes on time because her parents were in need of financial assistance. “You have the option of deferring IRS payments. Cancer treatments must be postponed “At the time, Abrams stated. In 2019, she also paid off her education debts and credit card debt. Former President Donald Trump chastised her for living in “beautiful multi-multi-million-dollar residences” during a rally in Georgia in March. Abrams has never bought a property for more than $1 million. She acquired a $975,000 house outside of Atlanta with a $760,000 mortgage, then in 2019, she bought a $370,000 house in suburban Atlanta for her parents.

She told The Associated Press, “It seems astonishing to me that success is now being stigmatized by the Republicans.” “Success is something I believe in. Every person, in my opinion, should have the opportunity to succeed. And because I had three years in the private sector, I took use of all three, and throughout that time, I did everything I could to not only be successful myself, but also to benefit Georgians.” Abrams, who published a book last year, also lists a number of firms in which he has invested.

As executive director of the Southern Economic Advancement Project, she was paid more than $700,000 over a three-year period. It’s unknown how much she pays in taxes or how much she gives to charity. Abrams’ returns will be released later this year, when she files her 2021 taxes, according to her campaign spokesman, Seth Bringman.

Abrams, a Democrat, is competing against Brian Kemp, a Republican. Abrams was defeated by Kemp in a close election in 2018 that she has yet to acknowledge. Since then, she has become into a Democratic Party hero, credited by liberals for driving more Black people to the polls and helping Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff win elections in Georgia. David Perdue, a former Republican senator, is also running against Kemp. In an interview with Newsweek.

If Stacey Abrams wins the Georgia election, DeSantis predicts a “cold war.” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis does not want Democrat Stacey Abrams to be elected as Georgia’s next governor, saying that it would be bad for both Florida and Georgia. While addressing at a news conference about infrastructure upgrades and economic growth on Friday morning, DeSantis said that Abrams’ victory in Georgia’s governorship may lead to a Cold War between the two southern states. Abrams is running for governor against Republican Brian Kemp, who has no opponent in the forthcoming Democratic primary in May. She is running for governor of Georgia for the second time.

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“The Masters golf competition is taking place this week in Georgia, which is a major thing. I simply wanted to let you know how much we value our Georgians. If Stacey Abrams is elected governor of Georgia, there will be a Cold War between Florida and Georgia at that time, just to be honest “According to DeSantis. He went on to say that Abrams would be a step too far, especially considering the country’s existing leadership to Florida’s south. “I can’t have Castro to my south and Abrams to my north, for example. That would be disastrous. So, I’m hoping you guys take care of it and we’ll be OK” he stated.

A press secretary for the governor’s office told Newsweek that the governor was attempting to draw a line between how DeSantis governs Florida and how they anticipate Abrams will run Georgia if she wins. “The governor was only drawing a parallel between the Cold War’s severe ideological divisions.” If Stacey Abrams is elected governor of Georgia, we should expect more heavy-handed government, taxation, and bureaucrat control from her administration.

The governor’s office said, “Governor DeSantis will continue to keep Florida free and put residents first.” DeSantis also mentioned some of the infrastructure development and upgrades that are taking on around the state of Florida at the news conference. He also mentioned Florida’s economic strength and the state’s anticipated budget surplus at the end of the fiscal year in June.

The DeSantis campaign published the song Sweet Florida last week, which celebrates DeSantis’ achievements as governor. DeSantis is “shooting us straight” and “telling us the truth,” according to the song’s lyrics, and he also stands “up for what he believes” and that “we’re doing okay in the Sunshine State.” The DeSantis and Abrams campaigns were contacted by Newsweek.

According to a DeSantis official, “The governor was just drawing a parallel between the Cold War’s strong ideological divides. If Stacey Abrams is elected governor of Georgia, we should expect more heavy-handed government, taxation, and bureaucrat control from her administration. Governor DeSantis is committed to keeping Florida free and putting residents first.” DeSantis’ office did not respond to a late-night request for comment from Fox News. According to The Hill, Kemp and Perdue are both ahead of Abrams in the current polls.

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