Hunter Biden’s Laptop Cover-Up, According To A Former DNI Director, Required Assistance From The Justice Department And The FBI

Photo Source: NYPOST

The Biden family is reported to have extremely significant financial links to China’s communist party. Throughout the year, more and more proof has surfaced on this tale, revealing additional facts that may lead to the conclusion of a very real scenario.

Ric Grenell, the former Director of National Intelligence, has leveled a serious indictment against the country’s top intelligence services, claiming that China is “laughing all the way” about what had occurred with the Hunter Biden laptop.

According to sources from Newsmax, the former ambassador to Germany added that there was “no possible possibility” that the laptop was covered up without the involvement of authorities from the Department of Justice and the FBI.

New evidence on the hunter Biden laptop “conspiracy” suggests that it might not be a conspiracy at all.

He said, “I don’t say it lightly.” “There’s no way someone at the Department of Justice didn’t see what was going on with that laptop three weeks before the 2020 election.”

He argued, “Let me be really clear.” “That’s the Beijing line,” says the narrator. That is exactly what China wishes for you to accomplish. Because of all the facts regarding the Chinese businesses with the Biden family, China does not want you to look at that laptop.” He also claimed that “no way” FBI officers were unaware that the Biden campaign and Democrats were blaming the laptop on a Russian misinformation effort.

The Chinese communist party “liked it” when “the Democrats, the DOJ, and the FBI allowed the narrative to alter,” he claimed. He also suggested that an investigation by a special counsel was unnecessary. The national security analyst questioned, “Why do we need an independent special counsel?”

“You only need an outside special counsel if you come to the table thinking the DOJ can’t perform its job and is too biased.” “I haven’t arrived yet.” He also claimed that the FBI needed to be restructured. “When I asked these FBI agents whose names were on the information that stated censored information, ‘why did you redact this?’ they would altogether come to agreement and answer, ‘I actually didn’t redact anything, my supervisor did,'” he said as interim director of national intelligence.

This information can certainly imply that while there are many dedicated FBI agents attempting to do the right thing, “prosecutions and a comprehensive clean-out” at the top of the government agencies are required, he continued. According to him, the Chinese communist party “liked it” when “the Democrats, the DOJ, and the FBI allowed the story to change.”

In addition, he stated that a special counsel investigation was not required. The national security expert pondered, “Why do we need an independent special counsel?” “It’s time for the Inspector-General to get involved,” he stated. “The Department of Justice needs to get involved.” I don’t want to rely on third-party entities. They must pick up after themselves.”

“You need to start outing them, and there has to be self-policing,” he said, adding that when agents suspect other agents or managers of being dishonest, “you need to start outing them.”

According to emails discovered by Fox News Digital, Ron Klain, President Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff, purportedly reached out to Hunter Biden in September 2012 to seek for help raising 20,000 for the Vice President’s Residence Foundation (VPRF) and encouraged him to “keep this down low key” to avoid “poor PR.”

Klain was the foundation’s president a year after quitting his job as the vice president’s chief of staff, and he informed Hunter that he needed his aid to “tackle a bit of unpleasant business,” according to Fox News.

“The tax lawyers for the VP Residence Foundation have concluded that because the Cheney folks last raised money in 2007 and not 2008, we actually have to have some incoming funds before the end of this fiscal year (i.e., before 9/30/12 – next week) to remain eligible to be a ‘public charity,'” he wrote in detail to Hunter Biden.

“It’s not much – we need to fund a total of $20,000 – so I’m asking a few very close pals to write cheques for $2,000 apiece on a very secret basis,” he told Hunter. “We need to keep this low key since soliciting money for the Residence now is poor PR – but it needs to be done,” he detailed inside the email. “So I’m simply trying to collect the 10 checks of $2,000, get it done in a week, and then we can hold an event for the Residence Foundation after the election.”

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