BOMBSHELL REPORT: The House GOP Is Planning A Subpoena For Hunter Biden If They Win A Majority In 2022

Photo Source: AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

If House Republicans retake the majority in November, President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, might be served with a subpoena. Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., the House GOP conference chair, told the New York Post in an interview published Saturday that GOP lawmakers will summon Hunter Biden to answer questions regarding his notorious laptop, including the name of “the big person” mentioned in emails.

“We will subpoena Hunter Biden,” she told the Post, adding that she is concerned with how the media covered the laptop and its contents, even criticizing the Post for publishing the story in October 2020, just months before the presidential election. “The fact that they did this for the Biden family’s financial advantage, which came at the expense of the American people, should alarm every American.”

“Every American should be concerned that they did this for the Biden family’s financial advantage at the expense of our national security.” The laptop, which was left abandoned at a computer repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware, carried potentially incriminating information against the first son, and even President Biden himself, in connection with a slew of overseas agreements and settlements.

The cache of emails, messages, legal papers, and images was first disregarded as Russian misinformation, and a piece from the New York Post was banned from Twitter and Facebook at the time.

However, according to a recent New York Times report on an ongoing inquiry into Hunter Biden’s financial and tax problems, the laptop was validated as his property and the contents of the computer were confirmed to be his. Hunter was required to hold a share of the revenues from one contract for “the big man,” which has led to conjecture that it alludes to then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Stefanik told the Post, “That’s one of the crucial concerns – possibly the most critical question.” “The American people are entitled to answers. There is no larger ethical dilemma or, to be honest, conspiracy… whether this president is compromised as a result of his illicit relationships to his family.”

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Even if Republicans bring Hunter Biden in front of a congressional committee, a criminal defense attorney told the Post that he is likely to invoke the Fifth Amendment to avoid self-incrimination and keep silent on the matter.

“We would always urge our client to utilize their 5th amendment rights if there is any potential our client has any civil or criminal culpability,” Barry Covert, a criminal defense attorney and vice president of the First Amendment Lawyers Association, told The Post. “I would advise Hunter to refrain from commenting on this for the sake of your father.”

Despite the possibility that the younger Biden would remain silent during the probe, Stefanik told the Washington Post that whatever committee hosts the hearings will continue to issue appropriate subpoenas until it has answers to its inquiries. We all know what every single Democrat is thinking right now, and has been for months. They’re disturbed, muttering, ‘There’s no way in hell we’ll let the Republicans win control of Congress.’

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), the third-ranking Republican in the House, has warned Democrat President Joe Biden that his son Hunter will be called to testify. Stefanik’s commitment comes as pressure increases on Republicans to act on Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” if they retake the House after the midterm elections. Stefanik said, “We will subpoena Hunter Biden.”

“Every American should be concerned that they did this for the Biden family’s financial advantage at the expense of our national security.” There is no larger ethical dilemma, or, to be honest, conspiracy, than whether this president’s integrity has been tainted by his illicit relationships to his family members.

“Make no mistake, if they do not give over papers and answer our inquiries, the subpoenas will pour down,” Stefanik said. “We are currently drafting document requests and investigations of multiple federal agencies and persons.”

We must prepare for the worst-case scenario while still hoping and praying that Republican voters and candidates win. And, unless another election is rigged and allowed to stand by Republicans caught flat-footed and sitting on their thumbs, a Red Wave will sweep the country in November 2022.

But if somebody like Kevin McCarthy become Speaker of the House, that Red Wave will accomplish nothing for the American people or the Republican Party. McCarthy will be a Paul Ryan clone, with no substantial accomplishments despite a barrage of promises. We the People must demand that a genuine “Charlie Hustle” be elected Speaker of the House, and that Mitch McConnell be removed from the Senate.

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