BREAKING: Judge Makes A Crucial Decision And Gives Final Verdict On Don Lemon’s Sexual Assault Case

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In the case of the man who accused CNN journalist Don Lemon of sexual assault, a federal court has ruled. According to Radar Online, Lemon’s accuser Dustin Hice has been forced to pay the prime time presenter $77,000 in legal expenses as the court struggle between the two men continues.

Two crucial witnesses in the case have shifted sides from plaintiff to defense, according to U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas Locke. According to Radar Online, the presenter was informed in February that he would have to face a jury trial in the case of a bartender from the Hamptons who accused him of sexual assault.

According to court records acquired by Radar, a federal judge in New York has ordered that Dustin Hice’s case against CNN anchor Anderson Cooper be tried in front of a jury. On December 20, 2021, the court system received the order. Lemon had objected to a jury trial and instead requested a bench trial.

In a bench trial, the parties would argue on front of a judge, who would then make the final judgment in the matter. Lemon’s attempt to avoid going before the jury was, however, foiled. The judge points out that the anchor will not be harmed and will have “enough time to prepare for trial.” Hice is not a CNN fan, but he was pleased to see Chris Cuomo dismissed, according to Fox News.

“They’re a predatory and perverted network,” he claimed. “Lemon will have to testify under oath in the near future, but it’s encouraging to see that some accountability is finally taking place.”

“Hice maintains he is seeking closure and peace of mind following what he describes as a harrowing encounter in which Lemon is accused of putting his hand down the front of his shorts, ‘vigorously’ rubbing his genitalia, and shoving the same hand into Hice’s mustache area while asking a vulgar question,” according to Fox News.

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“This is who they are,” says the narrator. “They’re a predator-protection machine that freely slanders and smears victims,” the bartender claimed.

“They’ve tried to break me down, they’ve tried to scare witnesses in my case, they’ve tried to doxx me by leaking sensitive information about me.”

They are complicit in the crime. He stated, “This is who they are.” Attorneys for the anchor defended their client.

“In response to Mr. Hice’s unfounded assertions, I invite people to go through the public files, which indicate that Mr. Hice’s claims have rapidly eroded when subjected to the civil litigation process.”

Mr. Hice’s wild and lurid charges against Mr. Lemon have crumbled under their own weight. Mr. Lemon, unlike Mr. Hice, has litigated and will continue to battle this case in the courtroom, not in the media.

“We are looking forward to the next trial so that he may finally put this thing behind him,” said lawyer Caroline J. Polisi. CNN believes the accuser is targeting Lemon because of his dislike for the network.

“On his social media sites, the plaintiff in this action has previously demonstrated a pattern of disrespect towards CNN,” it stated. “This accusation stems from his failed threats and demands for a large sum of money from Don Lemon. Don strongly rejects these allegations, and at this time, there is no need for additional comment.”

Andrew Miltenberg, Hice’s previous attorney, dismissed the notion that Hice would do this because he despises CNN.

“It’s ridiculous to suggest that Mr. Hice would go through the agony of pursuing a sexual assault case against his assailant simply because he doesn’t like a cable TV channel. “It’s sad that the CNN attack machine is using victim blaming to distract from Mr. Lemon’s egregious sexual misbehavior,” the attorney added.

And Hice feels Lemon acted the way he did because he believes his race and sexual orientation protect him. “Anyone who acts like that in public without any concern of what they could do to someone or the consequences,” he told the New York Post, “is part of a pattern.” He answered, “I wouldn’t be surprised.”

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