MASSIVE WIN FOR THE REPUBLICANS: As They Promise That The Probe Into Hunter Biden’s Laptop Controversy Will Be Spiked If They Win The House

New York Times

It was reported by ConservativeBrief that intelligence experts, the media, and big tech are going to have some explaining to do when it comes to the reasons they spiked the Hunter Biden laptop story prior to the 2020 presidential election if the Republicans, as anticipated, win back the majority in the House in the 2022 midterm elections.

On Tuesday, Republican California Rep. Darrell Issa spoke with the John Solomon Reports podcast and said that letters to preserve evidence will be sent to set the stage for subpoenas and an investigation into why the story was smacked down, Just The News reported.

The representative is likely to head the House Oversight and Reform Committee if the Republicans win back the House and would be in charge of the investigation if it happened.

“What I can’t live with,” he said, “is the fact that when the New York Post, one of the oldest print newspapers in the country, founded in 1801, comes out with credible evidence, which they can show how they got it, what their sources were — there were no hidden sources on this — they not only got shut down by … Facebook and Twitter but they got shut down by the New York Times, by public broadcasting, by virtually everyone.

“And they were shut down by having more than 50 of the most informed people in the intelligence world all saying that they knew that this was false information. That is a conspiracy of monumental size,” the representative said.

“That is where we’re asking to have the evidence preserved,” he said. “And when we receive the ability to subpoena again … on the anticipation that the House will return to the [GOP] majority, this is an investigation that has to be done, because shutting down the First Amendment is now a pattern of new media. But it’s also becoming a pattern of old media. And there aren’t very many older than the New York Times.”

The media, including The New York Times, have started to admit that the laptop is genuine but it is long after the election.

“Who made the decision to shut [the story] down?” asked Issa. “Who [did] that person talk to? What was in their texts and the like? Because there obviously was — and I hate the use of this word, since it was false when it was first used — but collusion at the highest levels” between the media, former government officials and Big Tech.

“The First Amendment is the one that protects our democracy,” the representative said. “Right now, there is an attack on free speech. Everything else will be washed away in the annals of history if we cannot have … diversity of opinion that used to be common on college campuses and certainly used to be on the pages of the major newspapers, both left and right.”

He said that the purpose of the investigation would be to protect free speech in a world with new media.

The New York Post is sticking it in the face of everyone who “debunked” its pre-2020 presidential election story about Hunter Biden’s laptop after it was vindicated.

The editorial board took particular aim at members of the intelligence community who called its story Russian disinformation.

A letter signed by the former intelligence officials has even cited a debate President Joe Biden had with former President Donald Trump.

“If this stuff is true about Russia, Ukraine, China, other countries, Iraq. If this is true, then he’s a corrupt politician. So don’t give me the stuff about how you’re this innocent baby. Joe, that calling you a corrupt politician,” Trump said. “They’re calling it the laptop from hell.”

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