Fox News Host Dan Bongino Slams Mainstream Media For Propaganda And Misinformation, Saying, You Only Had One Job

Photo Source: Fox News

Dan Bongino urges that the mainstream media perform its jobs and report on facts rather than bais. Dan Bongino of Fox News’ “Unfiltered” fact-checked the fact-checkers, condemning the media for information manipulation.

Although we all know that the mainstream media only broadcasts what appears to fit their agenda, Dan is demanding that news organizations return to the days of true journalism, when the American public believed the news.

Instead, these mainstream corporations don’t care about their image and continue to spew lies, and when their lies are exposed, they don’t even bother to correct their mistakes, instead defending them by name-calling everyone who disagrees with them.

According to Dan Bongino, propaganda in conflict is nothing new. It will be done by both sides. Putin excels at it. They distort the truth. And the rest of the world, including the United States, does it.

However, the Left in our country is manipulating information. Starting with the self-proclaimed truth-keepers. The fact-checkers in the media who have blown it almost every week for the past two months.

Bongino said he would fact-check the fact-checkers on his broadcast. And asked the audience what they thought about the idea, According to PolitiFact, the first fact-checker blunder is that “the United States did not increase its oil imports from Russia in the previous year.”

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While pointing out another deception, he replied, “You can see it right there.” He observed, “Nice attempt,” and adding that the United States did, in fact, boost its crude oil imports from Russia in 2021.

“Here’s the full story’s punchline,” he continued. It is discussed in the tenth paragraph of PolitiFact’s original report. According to Bongino, this is exactly what propaganda looks like.

“Here’s fact-checker fail number two,” he said, pointing up another untruth. Who could forget this scene, when the entire world witnessed Joe Biden checking his watch at the ceremony honoring dead US service personnel who perished in Afghanistan.

America sat and watched it. To counteract this, USA Today dispatched yet another fact-check. Why would mainstream call attention to the scene? After their own bogus fact-check, the publication was forced to issue a correction.

The mainstream businesses are so disconnected from reality that the American public may easily fall into their clutches and not question what they write. However, they are incorrect once more; we are all aware of their lies, and Bongino has just demanded that the businesses return to reality and resume their work.

Bongino pointed up a third Fact-Check fail, and he claimed he could go on all day about how many times they’ve lied, so he asked the audience to participate. Remembering how, prior to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, PolitiFact argued that carrying a pistol was ‘perfectly lawful’ for Rittenhouse? False.

But nevertheless, the judge dismissed the gun charge against Rittenhouse during the actual trial. And the fact-checkers tried to justify their error. Take notice, mainstream press. You just have one task, men and women out there: keep us informed on the facts. That’s your one job, your one task, and you keep failing at it.

Take a look at who controls the media and academics. The media is controlled and owned by liberals, also known as cultural Marxists. Their aim is transnational and communist, with a Marxist economic viewpoint that is socialist and anti-capitalist.

These people have also massively penetrated the US government, and hence the government education system, which has brainwashed youngsters into its world view. Their theological perspective is fundamentally atheistic, with a goal to abolish all constraint, law, and order. This is a biblical prophecy in action. Not just in America, but on a global scale. When America falls, the rest of the free world collapses with it.

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