BREAKING: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Gives Her Response On Whether Or Not The U.S. Will Be Sending Troops Into Ukraine

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During her weekly news conference on Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi provided an update on whether US forces will be sent to Ukraine in response to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s request for aid the day before.

The California Democrat restated prior comments voiced by members of Congress and the Biden administration that there are no plans to deploy American troops to the troubled country following Russia’s incursion over four weeks ago.

To that point, Zelenskyy did not seek American personnel, but rather more armaments, particularly anti-aircraft batteries, to continue fighting Russian forces, which are apparently now stalled and making no significant inroads on Ukrainian land.

Pelosi also rebuffed Zelenskyy’s persistent call for NATO to enforce a “no-fly zone” over his country.

A reporter went on to state to house speaker Nancy Pelosi, “We’ve heard from you and from other numbers expressing the gratitude and moved by the speech by Mr. Zelensky yesterday. He asked however for some very specific things.”

In which house speaker Pelosi answered in a quite simple form, “Yeah.”

A reporter asked the house speaker, “No-fly zones. He came close to almost admonishing members, if you don’t help us, you know, we are the precipice of history here. We hear a lot of these heartfelt messages from members and we want to help Ukraine, but when it comes to the specific things he’s asking for, Congress is not willing to do so. Can you [indecipherable] for us?”

The house speaker replied, “Yes. And I’m so pleased. A substantive question from Chad. Oh, my God.” which was followed by a laugh.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also stated that it is generally about this, that, or the other thing. It’s exactly what I’m looking for. and she is grateful for the inquiry she posed. Saying, “Yes, it was a very moving speech. Yes, President Zelensky once again asked for open skies. I’ve had that conversation with him individually as recently the end of last week when he asked for the presentation that we all witnessed yesterday. “

“We’re not doing open skies and he did say as did the speaker and this would be my third interaction with the Ukraine speaker, they know that’s not — we understand your position on that. These are the things we need otherwise. It just seems very clear that — let me back up for a second and just say President Biden has done a masterful job in managing this situation in a way that is collaborative not condescending or dictating but collaborative.” Pelosi stated.

“The unity of the — of the — not only the G-7 but the NATO alliance has been remarkable to be hold. They are all unified with how we go forward and how they are unified on how we go forward is that we are not going into Ukraine. It is not an Article V situation.” she said.

“We are however prepared to supply Ukraine with very sophisticated equipment some of which was alluded to yesterday and some of which the president already announced — was it at 11:30 yesterday? A couple of hours after President Zelensky’s presentation.” she added.

“Leadership of some of the committees of jurisdiction intelligence, armed services, foreign affairs and appropriations, appropriate subcommittees and the leadership had a briefing later in the day on what some of the possibilities are, the upside and the challenges that other requests make.” she stated.

The reporter went on to ask if the statement from the Ukrainian head of state was adequate, saying, “Is it appropriate for him to ask for those things?”

House speaker Pelosi quickly answered, “Of course.”

The reporter suggested that the demands that came from the Ukrainian head of state where quite staggering and said, “Even if Congress is in a position that they’re not willing to give him what he’s asking for?”

The house speaker said, “Of course it’s appropriate. The fact is what he wants is a result. He wants a result that says we have to — if you are not going to give us air cover with your own — your own personnel we need air cover or we need equipment to effect air cover so that we can take out whatever the Russians are putting forth.”

“So I think I — I feel like it was completely appropriate in saying this is what — this is the impact we need. If it’s not going to be affected by what I’m asking for then this is another way we can get that done and that’s what people are looking into. What you saw yesterday was history. Later at the lunch — just maybe you might want to watch, I’m going to be reading a poem written by Bono about Ukraine which you might find interesting.” she added.

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