BREAKING: A Crucial Decision Is Made By A Judge In Durham’s Case Against A Clinton Campaign Lawyer

Photo Source: Michael Sussmann Asks Judge to Toss Durham Indictment …

A federal judge denied a special request by Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann to overturn a factual background part of Special Counsel John Durham’s early February court filing.

Sussmann’s legal team submitted a motion last month requesting that the court delete elements of the Feb. 11 document, including the Factual Background section, on the grounds that it might taint a jury, Fox News reported Thursday evening.

In February, the Epoch Times reported,… Sussmann acted on behalf of the Clinton campaign in 2016 when he provided material to an FBI attorney.

His attorneys claim the records sparked national security issues, but prosecutors claim they indicate a hidden connection between a Russian bank and Donald Trump’s business.

Sussmann was charged with lying to the FBI after lying to the attorney. Sussmann’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the case in February, arguing their client “did not make any false statements to the FBI,” but even if he did, “the false statement claimed in the indictment is inconsequential as a matter of law.”

Durham’s counsel dismissed the claims as absurd and requested that the case be heard in federal court in the District of Columbia. Durham’s team wrote in response to Sussmann’s filing, “The defendant’s false statement to the FBI General Counsel was plainly material because it misled the General Counsel about the critical fact that the defendant was disseminating highly explosive allegations about a then-Presidential candidate on behalf of two specific clients,”.

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If the case goes to trial, Durham will almost certainly argue that the evidence shows that the bureau could have done something, such as an evaluation, before beginning a full inquiry into the occurrence, or that the agency might have declined to launch a probe at all.

Durham said that if Sussmann had not made an allegedly false statement to the FBI, the Russiagate investigation into then-GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign would not have occurred.

Durham wrote in a memo filed late last week that “had the defendant truthfully informed the FBI General Counsel that he was providing the information on behalf of one or more clients, rather than simply acting as a ‘good citizen,’ the FBI General Counsel and other FBI personnel might have asked a multitude of additional questions material to the case initiation process.”

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