Representative Greg Steube Stated That Vice President Harris Believes The Deaths In Ukraine Seem To Be A Joke

Photo Source: Graeme Jennings/Pool via AP

Representative Greg Steube, a Republican from Florida, said on Newsmax on Thursday that people are dropping dead in Ukraine and Vice President Kamala Harris appears to think it’s all a laughing matter after the vice president started laughing at a question about the joint Polish and American response to Ukrainian refugees during a press conference previously throughout the day.

The representative stated that when the reporter asked her a tough question and what appeared to be a very good question about what the U.S. would do in conjunction with Poland and what their responses would be or appear to be if measures and actions were in place, the vice president appeared very clearly and positioned to not want to answer the question, according to the representative while appearing on American Agenda.

The representative went on to say that the vice president appeared to be unsure of what a response from the United States would look like, so it appeared that the vice president just started nervously laughing and then drifted and deferred to the Polish head of state for him to answer the presented question, because apparently the current administration in the White House doesn’t have a response.

The Florida congressman questioned the Biden administration’s judgment and capacity to install Patriot missiles within Poland’s national boundaries, stating and saying that while Ukraine is being bombarded, the US response would be to do nothing.

While the Biden administration plainly does not have an answer, it looks that they are simply putting together everything they can in order to give some type of solution to the situation while not appearing weak on the international arena, according to the senator.

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Steube also supported the concept of providing Ukraine planes in its current conflict with Russia and stated that the US should send defense help into the region.

He stated that he sees no reason why the United States of America cannot assist Ukraine with weaponry at this time, and that he would be happy to back anything they require to protect themselves.

According to the lawmaker, a survey was recently performed in his area, and it was overwhelmingly approved in his region to deploy Ukraine aircraft to enable for airstrikes to do such things.

According to the congressman, Russia is also targeting people and committing war crimes in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

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