It’s Been A “Dumpster Fire Of A Presidency”; Republican Representative From Missouri, Josh Hawley Goes After President Biden

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It was recently reported Missouri GOP Sen. Josh Hawley unleashed on President Joe Biden for his “dumpster fire of a presidency” and called on him to actually do something that will help Americans.

Hawley said Biden should be announcing an initiative to make the United States more energy-independent.

“What he should be saying is we need to open up American energy production — full-throttle. We need to be the energy-dominant nation in the world, and we’re not,” Hawley said. “And the reason we’re not is Joe Biden.”

“I don’t know why this administration is breaking its arm, patting itself on the back for an invasion that it didn’t prevent. The goal should have been to deter Vladimir Putin from invading a sovereign nation — he utterly failed in that regard.

We have an invasion on our hands, and part of the big reason for that is Joe Biden gave energy dominance to Vladimir Putin. He shut down our pipeline and he opened up Russia’s pipeline. That’s the Biden legacy.”

“The reason we have runaway inflation is Joe Biden. The reason we have a shipping crisis, a supply chain crisis at this stage, is Joe Biden.

So if he wants to assign blame, all he needs is a mirror, and he can look in it because he’s the source of most of these problems and the solutions he’s offering are either nonexistent or totally fake,” Hawley said.

“If the president wants to be serious, he’ll admit that his policies have been wrong, that his policies have been weak, that his policies have endangered this nation and the world, and he’ll tell us how he’s going to change course.”

Watch the whole thing here!

A majority of adults in the United States now believe that Biden is mentally unfit to serve as commander in chief.

According to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll, a strong majority of voters said Biden is unfit to serve as president while also revealing the lowest job approval rating (37 percent) from the poll since becoming president over a year ago.

A separate Washington Post-ABC News poll that was released over the weekend found that voters have more trust in Republicans than Democrats as Biden’s approval rating has plummeted down to 37 percent.

The poll found that 50 percent of registered voters said they’d prefer Republicans to be in control of Congress, while 40 percent prefer Democrats.

It also revealed that 49 percent said they will support a GOP candidate in November’s midterm elections, with 42 percent saying they will vote for a Democratic candidate.

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