The Biden Administration Commences Oil Negotiation with Venezuela in an Attempt to Freeze Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

Photo Source: AP

According to The New York Times, US officials are headed to Venezuela, a Russian ally, to meet with President Nicolás Maduro in an effort to obtain oil. It would be the first visit to the country by a high-ranking official since 2019.

After accusing Mr. Maduro of electoral fraud, the United States severed diplomatic ties with him and shuttered its embassy in Caracas in 2019.

The Trump administration subsequently attempted to destabilize Mr. Maduro’s regime by punishing Venezuelan oil exports and key officials, as well as recognizing opposition leader Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s legitimate president.

President Maduro of Venezuela reacted to the sanctions by requesting economic and political assistance from Russia, along with Iran and China. Russian energy corporations and banks have played a critical role in Venezuela’s ability to continue selling oil.

According to current and former US officials who spoke on the sensitive policy matters that declined to be identified, Russia’s incursion of Ukraine has prompted the United States to pay closer attention to President Vladimir Putin’s allied powers in Latin America, which the United states asserts could become security threats if the standoff with Russia intensifies.

Former Virginia U.S. Representative Scott Taylor supports the idea to obtain oil from Venezuela.

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The representative said that we should seize the chance to gain a diplomatic victory and to drive a wedge between Russia and Venezuela.

As well as Trish Regan, a former Fox Business Network analyst, suggested an alliance with the Maduro regime would be right in order to cease spending US taxpayer cash to subsidize Russia’s conflict in Ukraine.

President Maduro, on his part, is eager to capitalize on the opportunity to conduct business with the United States and its allies. In a speech last week, Venezuela’s president claimed that the country’s oil is open to anybody who wants to produce and purchase it, whether they are investors from Asia, Europe, or the United States. However, not all conservatives agree that financing a tyrant is a good way to get back at Putin.

“Biden is now cutting deals with Iran and Venezuela. He doesn’t want America to be energy independent. You’re being played,” Jack Posobiec a Human Events editor said.

“We’re at a place where the White House is begging Venezuela for oil and Thomas Friedman is begging China for help,” Stephen Miller a renowned editor stated.

“It says so much about Biden that he would prefer to buy oil from fascist countries like Russia, Iran, and Venezuela rather than just use the oil God gave us right here,” Lavern Spicer, a Republican congressional candidate, stated in a tweet.

“SMH. Can we focus on domestic energy development already?” said representative Thomas Massie.

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