Three House Republicans Refuse To Support Bill That Would Sanction Russia And Back Ukraine Indefinitely

Photo Source: Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.). Credit: Flickr

A few House Republicans have been chastised for declining to approve a resolution in support of Ukraine. “The law, H.R. 956, or ‘Supporting the People of Ukraine,’ was decisively passed by the House of Representatives on a 426 to 3 vote,” the UK’s Daily Mail said Wednesday.

“Only Kentucky’s Thomas Massie, Arizona’s Paul Gosar, and Montana’s Matt Rosendale voted against.” The non-binding resolution expressing solidarity with Ukraine approved on Wednesday “demands an immediate cease-fire and the complete evacuation of Russian military from Ukrainian territory.”

The resolution urges Russia to withdraw its soldiers from Crimea and the Donbas area, where Russia-backed rebels have been fighting Ukrainian authorities for more than six years.

The resolution supports sanctions against Russia while emphasizing the need of US energy independence.

“H.R. 956 also calls on the federal government to help Ukraine with extra humanitarian aid as well as ‘urgent defensive security assistance,’ and commends European partners for their support thus far,” the Daily Mail reports.

“It broadens the geographic breadth of the United States’ support to the Ukrainian war by denouncing Belarus.” Massie went on. “It demands for economically ‘completely isolating’ Russia.”

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This would be detrimental to low-income Americans who are already suffering from inflation. Innocent Russians, many of whom oppose Putin’s actions, would suffer as a result of punishing sanctions, potentially turning them against us,” he said.

“Crippling sanctions may potentially push Putin to desperation, prompting him to resort to harsh measures such as increasing the number of weapons used or the persons targeted,” Massie added.

“The resolution includes a needless declaration that the relationship between Ukraine and NATO would be determined by the two of them. Of course, this is correct, but why should Congress make this claim now, when the purpose is to de-escalate the conflict?” He stated.

“The American people are sick and weary of professional politicians routinely placing the interests of foreign nations before our own,” Rosendale added.

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