Border Patrol Agents Criticize Biden’s State of the Union Address on Immigration, Claiming the President Is “Full Of S***.”

Photo Source: Bloomberg/Getty

President Joe Biden committed himself to safeguard the US-Mexico border at his State of the Union address on Thursday evening, however some Border Patrol personnel think he’s “full of s***.”

“Folks, if we are to promote liberty and justice, we must protect our border and repair the immigration system,” Biden stated in his address on Tuesday night. And, as you might expect, I believe we can accomplish both.

We’ve placed new equipment at our border, such as cutting-edge scanners, to better identify drug traffickers. To apprehend additional people traffickers, we’ve set up coordinated patrols with Mexico and Guatemala.

We’re bringing in much more immigration judges so that families escaping persecution and violence can have their cases heard quickly and those who aren’t legally here may be deported.”

A few Border Patrol personnel talked to Fox News about Biden’s remarks, and their emotions were explosive.

“Immigration judges frequently tend to follow the trends or goals of their appointing government, which means I and many other agents have little trust in them to really execute immigration law,” one Border Patrol agent stated.

The great majority of these illegal immigrants do not have viable asylum claims, but administration-selected and taxpayer-funded lawyers will argue differently. Unemployment, inability to purchase groceries, domestic abuse, poor schools, and inclement weather are not viable claims.”

“That mention of border and immigration security was lip service,” former interim Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf tweeted. Nothing else. There is no vision, no plan. Nothing more than a wish list and another empty campaign for immigration reform legislation.”

“I believe the President has forgotten that he has the authority to resolve the problem.” the border agent said.

“Very few individuals within CBP believe this administration will genuinely protect the border, they just don’t believe it,” one Border Patrol agent told Fox News.

All of their acts, words, and practices are aimed purely at bringing in as many illegal aliens as possible, not just from the Americas, but from all over the world.”

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