BREAKING: Pentagon Reports That Putin’s Nuclear Alert Makes Ukraine Situation ‘Much, Much More Dangerous’

Photo Source: Russian invasion: Pentagon says not clear if ‘Putin has designs beyond the Ukraine’ – Tech Jaun

In issuing the nuclear warning, Putin emphasized not only the statements of NATO members, who have rushed to strengthen the military alliance’s members in Eastern Europe, but also the hefty financial sanctions imposed by the West on Russia, including Putin himself.

Putin is following a pattern he set in the weeks preceding up to the invasion, according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, “which is to invent threats that don’t exist in order to justify greater action.” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told CNN in reaction to Russia’s nuclear warning, “This is dangerous language. This is a risky move.”

Russia and the United States generally retain land and submarine-based nuclear forces on notice and ready for action at all times, but nuclear-capable bombers and other aircraft are not. According to Pentagon officials, Russian forces are being slowed by Ukrainian opposition, fuel shortages, and other logistical challenges, and Ukraine’s air defense systems, while degraded, are still operating.

Putin has not stated his ultimate intentions, but Western officials believe he is determined to undermine Ukraine’s government and replace it with his own dictatorship, restoring Moscow’s Cold War-era authority. Lt. Gen. Yevhen Moisiuk, Ukraine’s military deputy commander, used a combative tone in a message to Russian soldiers.

“Unload your guns and raise your hands so that our military and people know you heard us.” “This is your return ticket,” Moisiuk stated in a Facebook video. In the midst of the fog of battle, the number of victims from Europe’s greatest land fight since World War II remained unknown.

On Saturday, Ukraine’s health minister announced that 198 people, including three children, had been murdered and over 1,000 others had been injured. It was unclear if the estimates accounted for both military and civilian losses. Russia has not disclosed any casualty statistics.

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The United States offered an extra $350 million in military aid to Ukraine over the weekend, including anti-tank weaponry, body armor, and small guns. Germany has stated that it will supply missiles and anti-tank weaponry.

The United States, the European Union, and the United Kingdom also decided to exclude certain Russian banks from using the SWIFT system, which transfers money between thousands of banks and other financial institutions across the world.

They also tried to impose constraints on Russia’s central bank. Putin dispatched soldiers to Ukraine after amassing a force of about 200,000 troops at the country’s borders.

He says that the West has failed to take Russia’s security worries about NATO, the Western military alliance that Ukraine wants to join, seriously.

He has, however, voiced contempt for Ukraine’s right to exist as an independent state. Russia maintains that its attack on Ukraine is primarily directed at military objectives, although bridges, schools, and residential areas have been damaged.

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