BREAKING: Ukrainian President Zelensky Informed European Leaders, ‘This Could Be The Last Time You See Me Alive’

Photo Source: In military uniform.. the first appearance of the Ukrainian president with his forces on the second day of the Russian invasion – Teller Report

As Russia’s military advances into Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told his surrounding European counterparts in a conference call this week that it may be the last time they saw him alive.

The revelation was first reported by Israel’s Walla News, who cited a European diplomat who was aware of the call. “It might be the last time we meet him,” Sweden’s prime minister warned leaders, according to the news outlet.

President Zelensky indicated in a video statement on Thursday that he would stay in Kyiv and maintain his family in Ukraine, and that fleeing was not an option.

“I’m staying in the capital, with my folks. During the day, I had hundreds of foreign meetings and administered our country directly. And I’ll remain in the capital ” President Zelensky said.

“My family lives in Ukraine as well. My children are in Ukraine as well. My family members are not traitors. They are Ukrainian citizens. But I have no authority to tell you where they are right now.” President Zelensky reiterated.

According to Ukrainian President Zelensky, Russia has named him as the number one target, with his family coming in second.

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Russia’s conflict with Ukraine has been smoldering for years, but it has lately escalated significantly. According to US estimates, Russia collected up to 190,000 troops to surround Ukraine in the largest military operation conducted in Europe since World War II.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the separatist areas of Ukraine’s Luhansk and Donetsk, deploying troops there for what he described as a limited peacekeeping operation in the country’s east.

Putin launched a full-fledged assault against Ukraine less than 72 hours later. In the hours that followed, explosions ripped across cities across Ukraine, hundreds of kilometers distant from the previous war zone.

Ukrainian officials reported violence around the country’s borders with Russia, as well as hundreds of wounded. The latest round of violence transformed the war from a minor invasion over disputed territory into Europe’s most severe military conflict in at least a decade according to the Insider.

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