SHOCKING: Ukraine Kidnaps And Releases Photographs Of Two Russian Troops From The Yampol Motorized Infantry Regiment

Photo Source: Conflict Intelligence Team

Ukrainian officials say that they have destroyed six planes, two helicopters, and a large number of enemy armored vehicles. Russia, according to sources, started a large-scale invasion. Ukrainian Defense Forces set fire to four Russian tanks near Kharkiv.

Ukraine’s foreign ministry spokesperson, Oleg Nikolenko, claimed in a tweet on Thursday that Ukraine’s military forces had seized two Russian infantry personnel and that the enemy was suffering losses. “On the Kharkiv ring road, four Russian tanks were set fire.”

“The troops and border guards of Ukraine have embraced war.” “Ukrainian military have captured two Russian personnel from unit 91701 of the Yampol motorised infantry regiment,” stated Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine’s Armed Forces Valeriy Zaluzhny.

The unidentified reported soldiers in the images do not appear to be gravely hurt. Another shot showed the guns that the detainees looked to be carrying. This included a variety of ammo cartridges, knives, and weapons.

According to an ABC News study, CIT’s study has been widely recognized in recent months, particularly by experts from the nonprofit CNA, a think tank that advises the US military.

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The photos of the troops were also posted by Oleg Nikolenko, a spokesman for Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He went on to say that Russia had suffered losses as a result of the invasion. “The enemy is losing ground. On the Kharkiv ring road, four Russian tanks were set ablaze” He said on Twitter.

The Ukrainian army, border guards, national guard, police, and other forces are protecting the country and its people against Russian invasion. According to Fox News, here is further information on the most recent development. Russian troops entered Ukraine by land, air, and sea on Thursday, in the largest military attack by one state against another on the European continent since World War II.

On Thursday, a full-fledged assault on Ukraine targeted cities and bases with airstrikes or shelling, as civilians crammed onto trains and autos to flee. According to Ukraine’s leadership, Russian tanks and men crossed the border in a “full-fledged confrontation” that threatens to rewrite the world order.

“Russian soldiers have overrun the border of the Zhytomyr area. Military equipment from the enemy has gone through the Vilcha crossing, and Ukrainian soldiers and border guards have joined the fight.” Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a press release on Thursday in response to the invasion of Russian military.

“At the request of the Head of State, Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has initiated the procedure to sever diplomatic ties in line with international law,” the statement said. The statement continued by stating that the government will continue to safeguard Ukrainians’ rights in Russia and that the evacuation of Ukraine’s embassy in Moscow had begun. Newsweek has reached out to the Conflict Intelligence Team and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for comment.

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