In A Statement, Former President Donald Trump Proudly Announced That He And His Team Are Making A Comeback

Photo Source: EPA-EFE

Former President Donald Trump sent a powerful message this week that clearly implies he’s preparing to run for president again. In an interview with Clay Travis and Buck Sexton, Trump seemed quite concentrated while addressing specific programs, particularly those done by Joe Biden.

“If you took the worst politician in America, I believe that person would win.” But the polls have been extraordinary: 96 percent approval rating in the Republican Party — and I saw one this morning, 98 percent, but 96 percent approval rate — and performing well with independents, women, and everyone else. And I believe a large part of that has to do with the fact that what I stated was correct.” he said.

“What’s going on is a disaster, whether it’s Ukraine or the Afghanistan exit, which I believe is the most shameful moment in our country’s history,” he added.

“I believe it has a lot to do with what’s going on in Ukraine.” Take a look at inflation. When you consider all of the negative things that are happening in our country, it is difficult to remain optimistic. The boundary. Who could possibly overlook the border?” he said.

“Millions of people, not two or one million, as they claim. I’d say ten million. “Millions of people are streaming into our nation,” he adds. Trump also slammed Biden for his remarks on the “deteriorating southern border.” he added.

“When you see folks who can’t even get out of… I’ve written it down. I wanted to get out of… “I wanted to get out of Afghanistan after 21 years,” he said.

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“We were going to go out. I had it down to 2,000 and we were about to take them out, but we were pulling them out with a lot of force. Not because of Afghanistan, but because we wanted to maintain Bagram.” he said.

“We invested billions of dollars to develop this facility, which has the world’s largest and longest runways and is only an hour away from where China manufactures nuclear weapons. So I was maintaining that and used it full force,” he stated.

“But I was leaving Afghanistan, and we would have left with incredible strength, dignity, power, and respect.” Instead, we appear to have surrendered – despite the fact that we haven’t lost an American soldier in Afghanistan in 18 months. I spoke with Abdul, the leader — and also the present leader.” he added.

“He was the leader, and now he is the present leader,” he added. Trump also stated that he does not believe children should be required to wear masks at school. “No. No. They should be permitted to travel without masks, in my opinion. I believe it should have stopped a long time ago — and, definitely, they were unaffected by the more serious varieties. And it’s more infectious but considerably less dangerous,” he says.

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