BREAKING: Former Intelligence Director Ratcliffe Said All Types Of Intelligence Revealed Phony Russian collusion

Photo Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnick

Former Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe claimed that special counsel John Durham’s inquiry into the Trump-Russia investigation is uncovering some of the details of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign’s effort to sell a false narrative to the FBI and CIA.

On Fox News Channel on Sunday night, Ratcliffe said Durham’s findings add to a growing body of evidence revealing false accusations of collaboration between former President Donald Trump and Russia.

“As a member of Congress, what I experienced that I had never seen before was we had all kinds of intelligence suggesting fake Russia collusion,” Ratcliffe, who represented Texas in the House from 2015 to 2020, told host Mark Levin, according to the Washington Examiner.

“That Hillary Clinton had formed or had a campaign strategy to manufacture false Russian claims in order to damage Donald Trump with false information about Russia.” The report said.

Ratcliffe went on to add that the results in Durham might lead to conspiracy charges. Attorney Michael Sussmann has been accused with providing inaccurate claims to the FBI.

He has been accused of telling the agency’s top lawyer that he was not representing any clients when, on behalf of a technology executive and Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, he mentioned data and research papers with possible links between both the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank during a September 2016 meeting.

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“What is unlawful is when you develop a phony story and then take it to the FBI and the CIA and peddle it as true, expecting to validate it by initiating an inquiry,” Ratcliffe said to Levin. “It begins with lying to federal officials, for which Michael Sussmann and others have been charged, 18 US Code 1001 offenses, but it progresses all the way up to conspiracy, potentially even racketeering, RICO charges.”

Ratcliffe, as director, published two extensively redacted Russia-related papers last October, including handwritten notes from former CIA Director John Brennan to then-President Barack Obama in 2016 about an unconfirmed Russian intelligence report.

According to Fox News, Clinton planned to tie then-candidate Trump to Russia’s hack of the Democratic National Committee in July 2016 in order to divert from the scandal surrounding her unlawful use of a private email server while secretary of state.

Ratcliffe informed Levin that he “shared a lot of intelligence” with Durham, and not only unclassified information. “Look, this simply isn’t right, this doesn’t add up, all sorts of people knew about this and didn’t do anything about it,” the former national intelligence director told Durham.

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