Republican Senator Ted Cruz Says Former President Donald Trump’s Spying Investigation Might Have Already Been Proven to Be True

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Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said on Sunday that special counsel John Durham’s probe might still show that Democrats spied on former President Donald Trump. “You and I both recall President Trump saying Democrats are eavesdropping on me,” Cruz remarked on “Fox News Sunday.”

“And the corporate media collectively laughed at him, insulted him, and told him what a stupid allegation he was making.” “Well, if what special counsel Durham is suggesting is accurate, Donald Trump was completely correct.”

Former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann was charged by a federal grand jury for lying to the FBI. According to the indictment, Sussmann gathered and relayed the claims to the FBI on behalf of at least two clients, one of which was Clinton’s campaign.

Durham, according to Trump, is uncovering a Washington plot “greater than Watergate,” though opponents argue it is an exaggeration. Cruz, on the other hand, believes Trump might be proven correct.

“To the degree Hillary Clinton is participating in this, her campaign is complicit in it, her attorneys are complicit in it, big tech is complicit in it,” Cruz said Fox News. “If this is true, it’s a lot bigger than Watergate.”

“That was a clumsy, third-rate robbery. It was incorrect. People were imprisoned as a result of Watergate. If the charges are accurate, individuals should be imprisoned.” Trump tweeted nearly five years ago that the Obama administration was eavesdropping on him in the White House.

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“Terrible! I just learned out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ at Trump Tower right before the election “Trump sent out a tweet. “There was nothing discovered. McCarthyism!”

Durham said in a document on Feb. 11 that Sussmann sent data purportedly showing unusual Russian-made phones being used near the Trump White House as part of an alleged plot to link Trump to Russia.

Sussmann’s attorneys submitted a move Thursday to dismiss the case against their client in Durham’s probe because it failed to identify an offense. Durham responded to Sussmann’s counsel that night, defending the work of his investigation and filed a petition to deny the defendant’s request to remove six paragraphs from the Feb. 11 court filing.

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