A Republican Representative Will Introduce Legislation To Grant Asylum To Canadian Truckers Fleeing A ‘Venezuelan-Style Regime.’

Photo Source: AP Photo/Russell Contreras, File

After comparing Canada’s treatment of opposition to COVID-19 vaccination mandates to an authoritarian dictatorship resembling Venezuela, a Republican representative from New Mexico said she would introduce legislation to give temporary sanctuary in the United States for Canadian truck drivers according to Conservative Brief.

Rep. Yvette Herrell tweeted on Saturday that Justin Trudeau’s heavy-handed attack on nonviolent demonstrators in Canada is the conduct of an authoritarian state like Venezuela, and she included a video clip of Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson analyzing the issue in Canada.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared an emergency under the country’s Emergencies Act in response to the ongoing demonstration in Ottawa by tractor-trailer drivers and their allies against the vaccination requirement.

Such demonstrators demand that the vaccination restrictions be lifted and that they be allowed to go about their normal lives without extra paperwork from the Canadian government.

On Friday, police began moving in to disperse the weeks-long protests, which became violent on Saturday. More than 100 individuals were detained, and vehicles that had been blocking roadways were being towed.

Such government interventions appeared fruitless to a huge number of Canadian demonstrators, who were physically removed from their various locations.

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Various social media footage showed officers on horses reportedly knocking over protestors, while other videos showed cops beating demonstrators and, in at least one case, an officer punching a person with his knee.

Authorities in Ottawa denied that anybody was purposely stomped, instead claiming that activists startled a horse. Ezra Levant, the creator of Rebel News in Canada, noted that no footage has been put online to verify the police assertion.

He went on to say that cops were either perplexed or willfully lied about the woman’s walking gadget.

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