‘We’re Taking Action,’ Says Steve Bannon Republicans Are Gaining Control Of Elections

Photo Source: Steve Bannon steps down from Breitbart (localsyr.com)

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon issued a grave warning to Democrats ahead of the November midterm elections. Bannon stated on his “War Room” podcast that Republicans are gaining control of elections around the country according to Newsmax.

He addressed the 2020 presidential race directly, claiming that Republicans are no longer protesting about it.

“Remember, there are no whining and no tears in the War Room. We’re taking action, and that action is, we’re taking over school boards, we’re taking over the Republican Party through the precinct committee strategy, we’re taking over all the elections,” he said.

He cited Glenn Youngkin’s win in Virginia’s governor election on November 2nd, despite the fact that the state voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

“Suck on this: Ninety-five percent of the billits in Virginia were occupied of election officials and poll watchers, and that is a principal reason that we secured the election of Youngkin, OK?” he added.

“They’re there to have a free and fair count. And we’re going to continue that. And we’re gonna get to the bottom of three November, and we’re going to decertify the electors, OK?” he continued, echoing Trump’s claim that the results of the 2020 election will one day somehow be reversed,” he said.

“And you’re going to have a constitutional crisis. But you know what? We’re a big and tough country, and we can handle that. We’ll be able to handle that. We’ll get through that,” he stated.

Supporting Bannon’s point, a new poll issued by a conservative pollster finds that Americans favor Republican candidates over Democratic candidates by roughly 13 points.

Furthermore, respondents anticipate Republicans to hold the Biden administration in check, according to a study conducted by the Convention of States Action in collaboration with the polling company Trafalgar Group.

According to Tuesday’s survey, 54.4 percent of American voters favor Republican candidates, 41.9 percent prefer Democratic candidates, and 3.7 percent are unsure.

According to pollsters, 81 percent of respondents believe that if Republicans take control of Congress in this year’s elections, they will follow through on their promises to attempt to stymie or reverse Mr. Biden’s programs.

The findings are the latest in a series of surveys that have been favorable to Republican’s while being unfavorable to Democrats and the Biden administration.

Reportedly The Biden administration’s popularity rating dropped last week in an average based on a new round of polls, which likewise touched new all-time lows.

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