A Key Member Of Republican Party Has Announced That He Will “Going After” The Clintons And The FBI Following Scathing Durham Report

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It was recently reported that a leading House Republican is pledging to use the party’s new majority following the November midterms to go after elements within the FBI as well as 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton following bombshell findings revealed in a filing last week from special counsel John Durham.

Should the GOP regain control from Democrats in the midterms, various Republican-controlled committees will launch probes into Durham’s findings involving allegations that Clinton’s campaign spied on the then-Republican presidential nominee and later President Donald Trump.

House Intel Committee Member Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ohio) made the pledge during an appearance Wednesday on Fox News to address Durham’s filing, which said that Clinton campaign’s lawyer Michael Sussmann paid a tech firm to effectively ‘spy’ on Trump’s campaign and his White House.

“This is basically Special Counsel Durham sending a memo to Michael Sussmann saying he’s not being well served by his lawyers,” Rogers said. “The pleading sets out allegations, evidence that they intend to admit into court that relate to third parties.”

“People besides Michael Sussmann himself, of which, though, he would be caught up,” he went on. “The pleading basically says you’re not being well served by your lawyers, you should be cooperating, and your lawyers have the interest of others, third parties that don’t affect you.”

“We’re going to be going after them also,” Rogers added. “And that’s where we get these explosive allegations of the spying against the Trump administration, this Trump campaign, a number of criminal activities that are alleged. Certainly, I think Michael Sussmann needs to read this again and pay very close to what Durham is saying about his own counsel and certainly look to his best interest, which probably is to cooperate.”

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Fox News host Dana Perino responded: “Congressman, Andy McCarthy, over at National Review, he’s a former prosecutor, has written that ‘this could turn out to be the same as the Mueller investigation — where there’s a lot of smoke, but there’s no actual fire where you get people indicted and arrested. The possibility exists that the real scandal here is in all the stuff that’s legal, but goes right up to the line of being illegal. Do you see that as a possibility in the Durham investigation?”

“We’ll have to see,” he replied.

“We don’t know what evidence that he has or what he’s going to actually introduce into court. This pleading is about what he intends to introduce, but there are really four explosive … allegations here, right?” he added

“There’s the Clinton administration, this Clinton campaign spying on the Trump campaign. And there’s the Clinton campaign perhaps continuing that spying into the Trump administration itself.

And the other two are the attempts by the Clinton campaign and others to co-opt government, the Department of Justice, the FBI. And then the fourth is those actions that actually happened,” Rogers continued.

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