“Cartels Have Seized Control”; The Attorney General Of Arizona, Mark Brnovich, Is Going Off On President Biden; Says He Has “Failed”

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It was recently reported by ConservativeBrief that Arizona Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich is sounding the alarm on the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

During an interview on Fox News, Brnovich slammed Joe Biden’s “failed” immigration policies.

“Every time you think … we’ve hit rock bottom, something else happens,” he said. “There’s a record amount of people flooding into this country this year. Just last week, our office was involved in a record amount of fentanyl seized. Americans are dying. Our cities are more dangerous as a result of the failed Biden administration’s policies.”

Cartels “have seized operational control” of the southern border, Brnovich said, adding that Arizona has seized more than 6 million fentanyl pills over the past week alone.

Transcript below:

Griff: We will turn to Tom Homan, former ICE director under President Biden, but Tom, let’s begin with you, this year-end ice deportation report, the department telling fox it’s, you know, not being held up. It’s coming but what do you make of it?

Homan: Well, first, shout-out to the bill. We will get him an Emmy. I was third in command of ICE in the unit and saw the production of the report every year. I became the ice director that approved the report. I can tell you without a doubt that they had those numbers in mid-October and we would release them within a month, however, these numbers are so bad, I promise you, the department security and the White House are trying to figure out how they want to spin the numbers, how they are going to support Biden’s open border strategy when they see the numbers have been devastated. Compared to last year under the Trump Administration, removals are going to be down almost 90%. the removals of criminal aliens at least 65%. despite the fact that Joe Biden and the secretary said we are going to reprioritize ice priorities to concentrate on more criminals. These numbers won’t show removing the last criminals. The report, they had the numbers for a while, they are just trying to figure out how they are going the spin it. Here is my guess, they are going the report it differently than report it in the last decade because they don’t want to compare this report to other reports because it’s going to be embarrassing.

Griff: Mr. Attorney General, as you heard from Tom and report, says the administration is unsecured the border purposely, you have a crisis right now in Yuma, Arizona particularly, you saw the two sex offenders just apprehended this week, what are you doing in Arizona to address that and do you believe the administration is doing this on purpose?

Brnovich: Griff, I think that the best evidence of some of the intention is what they actually do and I think unequivocally as a prosecutor, you look at what the Biden Administration has done, they are systemically dismantling our border. At one point I thought they wanted to — get rid of ICE but it’s clear they just want to get rid of the whole southern border because they have allowed the cartels to seize operation and control. I sit here and think to myself. The story just before this was about Novak Djokovic, the greatest player in the world who can’t get into Australia and the Biden Administration allowed 2 million people to illegally are entering the country. We are paying with the safety of our communities and with our precious lives.

Griff: Tom, I want to bring you back to, you know, Mr. Attorney general, saying that the unprecedented number coming across in the sector alone, the number of sources, more than 13,156 knowns got aways, what does this mean for our not just southern border but for the nation in terms of security?

Brnovich: Well, I’m glad that you brought the question up because this isn’t about illegal immigration. I don’t care what your opinion is about illegal immigration. Border patrol arrested over 12,000 criminals, half a million, almost 500,000 got aways based on camera traffic, based on central traffic and drone traffic that border patrol can’t respond to. How many of those 500, criminals? We don’t know. Some day we will find out. This is an illegal immigration problem, public safety, and national security crisis.

Watch the whole thing here!

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