Jon Stewart Defends Joe Rogan, Saying, “misinformation” Turns Out To Be True Most Of The Time

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On Friday, comedian Jon Stewart defended Spotify podcaster Joe Rogan once more, claiming that “truth” is frequently “shifting sand” and that today’s “misinformation” may become today’s fact.

“During the Iraq War in 2003, the New York Times was a major distributor of misinformation and deception,” Stewart said on his podcast, “The Problem With Jon Stewart.”

“That’s as revered a media company as you can find. There was, however, no responsibility for them.” he said.

He emphasized that at the time, he was a strong opponent of the war and the “information” being presented regarding Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein’s WMD capabilities and the threat they posed to the United States and regional allies as a pretext for the US to take military action.

In today’s context, Stewart speculated that he would have faced restrictions from Viacom, which controlled the Comedy Central network that aired his “Daily Show,” in the same way that other artists and celebrities do on their individual platforms.

“Where I feel worried is that in the run-up to the Iraq War, and in the prosecution of the Iraq War, I was loud, and occasionally swore about it,” he explained.

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“But the conventional opinion, as expressed by The New York Times, was that Iraq had weapons of mass devastation, they have these tubes that can only be utilized for nuclear war.’ Couldn’t I have gone down, tumbled down, this way if Viacom or Comedy Central had decided to restrict me?” he added.

Joe Rogan, presenter of the world’s most popular podcast, with over 11 million listeners and viewers on Spotify, has come under fire for booking guests that contradict the narrative on matters such as COVID-19 vaccines and transgender athletes.

Neil Young, a singer-songwriter, recently pulled his entire music catalog from the site when it refused to remove Rogan’s show.

Stewart remarked that he knows Rogan and has a bias in his perception of the situation, but he also believes that there should be more “conversation” between individuals to explain certain problems for the public rather than quickly burying the knowledge.

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