The Freedom Convoy Has A Collection Of DEMANDS Made By Canadian Truckers Before A Weekend Demonstration In The United States

Photo Source: Véronic Gagnon – Own work

A protest in the United States might occur this weekend in Los Angeles, around the Super Bowl.  The “Freedom Convoy” of Canadian truckers is gaining traction, but as a splinter movement in the United States gets traction, it’s crucial to understand what the demonstrations are demanding.

The “Convoy” reported that a protest of 1,600 trucks grew to 36,000 in the first week, however the Washington Post estimates that the number is closer to 8,000. The cause has sparked international interest and support, with the Department of Homeland Security announcing that a U.S. trucker protest might begin this weekend in Los Angeles during the Super Bowl.

The demands of the Canadian truckers, which they linked to personal liberty threatened by government overreach, were spelled out in a statement posted on Facebook on Jan. 26: The truckers demanded that the Canadian government remove the vaccination restrictions and close any government-sponsored digital monitoring platforms, such as the COVID-19 vaccine passport and contact tracing systems, in their letter.

According to Canadian news site Global News, the convoy has also worked to “stop divisive discourse,” which Trudeau alluded to when accusing the country’s Conservative Party of “stoking Canadians’ anxieties about the supply chain.”

According to the Independent, Trudeau also accused the truckers of “hate, abuse, and bigotry.” “It’s all about getting rid of the regulations,” Canadian trucker Mat Mackenzie said last week on “America’s Newsroom.” “A lot of people believe it’s about the trucker mandate in terms of border crossing, but it’s really about giving all Canadians back their independence.”

The ideal model to adopt, according to the truckers, is the United Kingdom: On January 19, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that all COVID limitations would be lifted on January 27.

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According to the Guardian, he publicly announced on February 9 that all limitations will be lifted in two weeks.

Both the US and Canada have mandated vaccines for inbound foreign national passengers, with the Canadian mandate taking effect on January 15 and the US requirement taking effect on January 22.

The “Freedom Convoy” began on January 22, but took off on January 29, when many smaller convoys united in Ottawa to begin the more prolonged aspect of the protest outside the Canadian Parliament. 90 percent of Canadian truckers have been vaccinated, according to Trudeau and the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

According to National Newswatch, Alan Bedard, chairman and CEO of TFI International Inc., Canada’s largest trucking firm, revealed that companies relocated uninfected drivers to domestic routes to evade the obligation.

According to a study released on Jan. 25 by Maru Public Opinion, 77 percent of Canadians believe it is appropriate to prevent unvaccinated people from visiting public areas and businesses.

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