Senator Rand Paul Calls For Something Like A Canadian Trucker Convoy To VISIT The United States, Saying, “I Hope They Clog Up Cities.”

Photo Source: Rand Paul becomes first senator known to test positive for coronavirus (

Republican Senator Rand Paul urged trucker convoys to come to the United States to “clog up cities” in an interview with the Daily Signal on Thursday.

He praised and congratulated the Canadian truckers for using their rights to safeguard their own.

Paul told The Daily Signal, “I’m all with it.” “From slavery to civil rights, to you name it, civil disobedience is a time-honored history in our society.”

Senator Paul began to embrace nonviolent demonstrations, referring to them as God-given rights and emphasizing how vital they have historically been.

“Peaceful demonstrations jam the streets and force people to consider the mandates.” he stated.

“And we initiated some of this,” the Senator said. “We imposed [COVID-19] regulations on truckers going across the border from Canada, and the truckers were irritated.” They’re alone in a cab, usually for eight or ten hours, and they just want to do what they want.” he added.

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“It’d be fantastic,” Paul replied, “but the problem is, it wouldn’t shut down the city since the government employees haven’t been up to work in two years anyhow.” “I’m not sure if it’ll have an impact on D.C.” It’d be a refreshing change. We’d have some foot traffic.” he said.

He went on to remark, “I hope the trucks come to America.” “I’m hoping they fill cities up.” he stated.

People are creating a “crack in the dam” against Democrat’s COVID-19 regulations, Paul stated while discussing the continuing demonstrations.

He asserts that these demonstrations are meant to illustrate the impacts and outcomes. These demonstrations, he said, were both successful and empowering.

He stated, “Several Democratic governors are finally surrendering.” “What they’re discovering is that this is upsetting parents and dads.” They aren’t all Republicans. This has caused a great deal of consternation among the general public. They are irritated that their small children must wear a mask.”

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