House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Slams The Biden Administration Saying, “Once Again Leading from Behind”

Photo Sources: Ken Cedeno/Sipa USA (Sipa via AP Images)

In the run-up to the 2022 election, House Minority Leader McCarthy is shifting to the right and, at least in his rhetoric, courting the conservative base. McCarthy is clearly attempting to ingratiate himself with the right by speaking out on issues in a way that shows his views are similar to those of the base.

Whether he believes it or not is unclear, but it is clear that he is at least attempting to ingratiate himself with the right by speaking out on issues in a way that shows his views are similar to those of the base.

He did so recently again, remarking about Jen Psaki and the Biden Administration’s persistent advocacy of masks, even while blue states are repealing mask regulations.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), in a letter to Townhall, lambasted Team Biden for “leading from behind” on COVID-19, arguing for outmoded standards while red and blue states repeal mandates and allow residents to do as they like.

“As has been the case during President Biden’s entire term, his government is once again leading from behind,” he stated. Republican-led states have long reopened and repealed mask mandates, and some of the most liberal governors have finally followed suit this week.” he said.

“People are tired of this administration’s fear mongering, data-defying reasoning, and government bureaucrats who want to micromanage people’s lives,” he continued. Americans want to return to their pre-pandemic lives; therefore, we must restore normalcy.” he added.

Jen Psaki snarled at a Fox reporter who questioned about masks and if the CDC will revise its recommendation on masks, making statements that are eerily similar to those of the GOP base.

“We know what works,” she stated during the heated exchange. “The CDC will continue to examine its advise, including mask instructions, on a regular basis. However, it is up to them when they will issue additional fresh instructions.” she said.

The problem is that the guideline isn’t “particularly clear,” as even the Atlantic has noted. In the words of that outlet.

“Scientists generally agree that, according to the research literature, wearing masks can help protect people from the coronavirus, but the precise extent of that protection, particularly in schools, remains unknown—and it might be very small.” she said.

“What data do exist have been interpreted into guidance in many different ways. The World Health Organization, for example, does not recommend masks for children under age 6. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control recommends against the use of masks for any children in primary school.” she added.

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