BREAKING: Don Lemon Is Facing A COURT CHALLENGE Over SEXUAL ASSAULT Allegations Brought Against Him

Photo Source: CNN’s Don Lemon Sued for Alleged Sexual Assault Following Unsuccessful Extortion Attempt … (

Don Lemon, a CNN primetime anchor, is the latest celebrity to be linked to the network’s public crisis. According to Radar Online, the presenter will now face a jury trial in the case of a Hampton’s bartender who accused him of sexual assault.

According to court papers acquired by Radar, a federal judge in New York has ordered that Dustin Hice’s case against CNN anchor Anderson Cooper be tried in front of a jury.

The court system got the order on December 20, 2021. Lemon had demanded a bench trial after objecting to a jury trial. Lemon’s attempt to avoid coming before the jury was unsuccessful. The anchor will not be injured, according to the judge, and will have “enough time to prepare for trial.”

Hice is not a CNN fan, but he was delighted to see Chris Cuomo go from the network, according to Fox News. He added, “They’re a predatory and depraved network.”

“Lemon will have to testify under oath in the near future, but it’s nice to see that some accountability is finally occurring.” Fox News claims so.

The anchor’s lawyers defended their client. “In response to Mr. Hice’s false allegations, I ask people to review the public files, which show that Mr. Hice’s claims have quickly disintegrated when put through the civil litigation process.” Mr. Hice’s extravagant and lurid accusations against Mr. Lemon have crumpled beneath the weight of their own weight.

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Unlike Mr. Hice, Mr. Lemon has litigated and will continue to litigate this lawsuit in court, rather than in the media. “We’re looking forward to the next trial so he can finally put this behind him,” attorney Caroline J. Polisi said.

CNN feels Lemon is being singled out by the complainant because of his disdain for the network. “The plaintiff in this lawsuit has already displayed a pattern of disdain for CNN on his social media sites,” it claimed. “This charge derives from his unsuccessful threats and demands that Don Lemon pay a huge quantity of money. Don categorically denies these charges, and there is no need for further comment at this time.”

Hice’s prior attorney, Andrew Miltenberg, disputed the concept that Hice would do this because he despises CNN. “To assume that Mr. Hice would go through the misery of pursuing a sexual assault lawsuit against his perpetrator solely because he dislikes a cable TV station is absurd.”

“It’s unfortunate that the CNN attack machine is utilizing victim blaming to divert attention away from Mr. Lemon’s terrible sexual misconduct,” the attorney continued.

According to Hice, Lemon acted in this manner because he feels his race and sexual orientation protect him from danger. “Anyone who acts like that in public without thinking about what they may do to someone or the consequences is part of a habit,” he told the New York Post. He stated, “I wouldn’t be surprised.” “He gets away with it because he’s black and homosexual on TV, but I’m just a nobody.”

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