Former Advisor To Donald Trump Believes That President Biden Should Be Impeached Over Inability To Handle Immigration

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It has been reported that former Trump White House advisor Stephen Miller is arguing that Joe Biden should be impeached for his immigration failures.

During an interview on Fox News, Miller argued that the first articles of impeachment against Biden should be over his administration’s refusal to honor a court order about the Remain in Mexico policy, which was created by

President Donald Trump that allowed the government to send illegal aliens back to Mexico before their trial date.

“What he did to this country is criminal. It’s absolutely criminal, it’s hateful, it’s odious, and there has to be accountability,” Miller said. “And here’s the bottom line. When Republicans take the majority, they need to have an agenda for accountability.

They need to have an agenda for fighting crime, they need to have an agenda for fighting open borders, they need to have an agenda for fighting big tech.”

“They need to have an agenda for holding this administration accountable, and for issuing subpoenas to ensure that that happens,” he added. “And if they do, they will go down in history as the greatest Republican majority we’ve ever had.”

“Let’s be very clear about what we’re looking at. This is an inside attack on our democracy. It’s something that our Founders never anticipated could happen, something no one ever dreamed would happen, which is that the President of the United States,

the person sitting in the Oval Office, is working systematically, or his deputies are in this case, to allow people to invade into our country against our laws, to consume public benefits, to take American jobs, and to threaten public safety, all aided, abetted, facilitated, planned by our own government [inaudible],” Miller began.

Watch the whole video here!

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