BREAKING: Boebert Wants To BAN Government Sponsored LEGAL Help For Illegal Immigrants Who Come Into America

Photo Source: Lauren for Colorado

Immigrants who entered the US illegally would no longer be available for government funded legal help, according to Rep. Lauren Boebert’s new proposal, which she discussed exclusively with Fox News.

The Colorado Republican presented the “No Taxpayer-Funded Lawyers for Illegal Aliens Act,” which was co-sponsored by other House conservatives and immigration reform organizations.

According to Boebert, no institution or city that gets federal cash should spend anything on legal help for unlawful border crossers. “The premise is fairly simple: no more American tax funds to assist illegal aliens cut the line and evade our rules,” said Boebert, a freshman legislator, in an interview with Fox News Digital.

Boebert’s bill aims to derail a new Biden administration project to provide legal assistance to those entering the immigration system in seven border communities.

According to Axios, the new Legal Access at the Border (LAB) initiative would not directly offer attorneys but will instead assist migrants in preparing for the immigration legal procedure in California, Arizona, and Texas.

According to Axios, the services will assist migrants seeking to cross the southern border, those currently in Border Patrol detention, or those registered in the recently reestablished Remain in Mexico program.

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“Democrats want to treat border detention facilities like Oprah’s program,” Boebert said Fox News. “You receive a free education as well as a free plane ticket. You are entitled to free medical care.” She said.

She claimed that the current administration serves everything on a silver platter to these folks. It must come to an end, and my proposal is the first move in that direction.” In addition to President Biden’s new legal aid program, Boebert’s legislation would target private organizations that receive federal taxpayer funds and fund immigrant defense programs, specifically the Vera Institute of Justice, which received a $158 million taxpayer-funded contract to assist unaccompanied minors in avoiding deportation, according to records.

Her plan would also prohibit communities from using federal funds to create legal aid for unauthorized immigrants. The Vera Institute has already formed alliances with communities around the country to establish a public defense system for deported immigrants.

According to one research, localities have contributed an estimated $5.6 million in taxpayer funds for the legal defense of illegal immigrants. The Vera Institute of Justice said in a statement to Fox News Digital in January that giving legal counsel to immigrants is “widely supported and in accordance with our most fundamental shared American values.”

The border crisis has shaken the Biden administration, resulting in more over 100,000 migrant interactions every month, and sometimes more than double that amount. Instead of detaining migrants at the border, efforts have been made to move them as quickly as possible into the interior.

Migrant contacts at the southern border totaled 178,840 in December 2021, a considerable increase from 73,994 the previous December. Republicans have been questioning Biden about the implications of his border security stance.

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