Officials Close To Biden Claim That Individuals Who Doubt The US Strategy To Ukraine Are Spreading Russian Misinformation

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The administration of President Biden has taken a hard line against reporting on Ukrainian-Russian ties, dismissing important lines of inquiry as “Russian talking points” and “misinformation.” Both White House press secretary Jen Psaki and State Department spokeswoman Ned Price have rejected questions about government sources and alternative narratives on the Ukraine war.

The White House has frequently warned of a Russian invasion, citing soldiers stationed on the Russian-Ukrainian border and alleged plans for a false flag operation to justify annexation.

On Thursday, a reporter questioned Price about the evidence backing US officials’ conclusion that Russia planned to broadcast an extensive propaganda film on Ukraine in order to justify initiating a war.

The Pentagon reported that it had acquired information that Russia was planning a “fake attack” to increase support for a conflict with Ukraine. Price was questioned by Associated Press State Department reporter Matt Lee for proof to back up the charge, saying it may be “Alex Jones territory.”

“If you want to find consolation in the material that the Russian government is disseminating, that’s up to you,” Price responded.

On Wednesday, Psaki lambasted Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, accusing him of consuming “Russian misinformation” and “parroting” talking points.

Psaki’s comments came after the senator asked the Biden administration to forgo its support for Ukraine’s NATO membership and instead focus on countering Chinese ambitions in the Indo-Pacific area.

“Well, if you’re simply ingesting Russian propaganda and parroting Russian talking points, you’re not aligned with long-standing bipartisan American objectives, which is to support the sovereignty of nations like Ukraine,” Psaki said in response to a reporter’s inquiry on the senator’s comments.

“However, others have the freedom to create their own alliances and to expressly reject any country’s acts or efforts or potential attempts to assault and seize another’s land,” Psaki added. “That applies to Sen. Hawley, but it also applies to everyone who is replicating Russian propaganda chiefs’ talking points.”

When asked if the US planned to release evidence of the military’s involvement in civilian deaths in Syria during a counterterrorism attack on Thursday, Psaki claimed the reporter relied on information provided by the terrorist group ISIS.

“Skeptical about the US military’s judgment when they went and knocked out ISIS’s leader, that they are not providing accurate information, and that ISIS is still active.” Psaki finally added.

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