House Minority Leader McCarthy Says Democrats Cannot Win On The Basis Of Their Merits Or Proposals

Photo Source: (Reuters Photo)

McCarthy stated that Pelosi is urging athletes not to say anything that may upset ccp officials in the aftermath of the House’s passage of the “China bill.”

She is now drafting legislation to give American funds to China because what she has done raises another concern.

She pushed for a bipartisan committee focused on China; she said okay, then said no the night before they were to announce it, forcing the Republicans to do it alone.

And the competes act, which he refers to as a concedes act, not only sends 8 billion dollars to the green UN climate find that has given China 100 million green cards skilled, but it also has infinite green cards skilled.

This is what the Chinese army employs to send personnel in to spy on us while pretending to be students, and this bill does nothing to hold China responsible. When we put a bill forward to postpone the Olympics, she kept it for 8 months and would only put it up on the day the Olympics began.

The Biden family collected 31 million dollars from the ccp, indicating a potential conflict of interest. When asked if he would investigate this, he responded that he would not only do so, but he would also take action, forming a China committee.

He’ll also look into the origins of covid. He will look at the attorney general’s investigation into labeling parents as terrorists, as well as Afghanistan and the pullout from Afghanistan that allowed a suicide bomber to murder 13 soldiers.

He also stated that Eric Swalwell was unable to obtain a security clearance in the commercial sector, but the government just enabled him to go all in on the secrets.

When asked why Nancy Pelosi believes she’ll run again when 30 Democrats are resigning and pursuing other posts, he stated she’ll run because she’s hungry for power. He also noted redistricting is going place.

He claims that they cannot win on the basis of their merits and policies and must rig the system in order to maintain power, and he asks the American people to visit

In reaction to all of the previous administration’s problems, Biden visited New York on March 1st and spoke about gun rights. When asked if Biden had the will to change legislation, McCarthy answered no, and neither do the Democrats, who have championed all of this mayhem by defunding police and holding district attorneys accountable.

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