Supporters Form A Human Chain Around A Canadian Trucker Convoy, Supplying Food, Petrol, And Rides

Photo Sources: Canada Convoy – Live: Ottawa Says ‘no More Room For Vehicles’ Downtown As Trucker Protests Clog Streets (

The outpouring of sympathy from fellow Canadians shocked Canadian truckers participating in the “Freedom Convoy” in Ottawa, Canada. The “Freedom Convoy” is a group of truckers and other protesters who want the Canadian government to lift federal COVID-19 limitations, including as vaccination requirements for cross-border travel.

“Every five minutes, people are beating on my door wanting to help,” Travis, a truck driver from New Brunswick, told Fox News. “It’s simply been a lot of caring, sharing, and giving.”

“The reaction has been incredible,” he continued. “It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been more pleased to be a Canadian.”

“People have come up to my house and offered me monetary gifts,” Andrew, another driver, told Fox News. “No, I don’t think so. I’m not in it for the money. I’m not interested in making money. I’m doing this for the sake of choice, for the sake of everyone’s choice, and for the sake of freedom.”

Nathan Savoy and Dylan Gordon, two students, set up folding tables and water heaters outside the Canadian Parliament building on the first day of the caravan to give coffee and tea to everyone. They were still providing food, beverages, clothing, and other necessities a week later.

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“Anyone who is hungry will be fed,” Savoy told Fox News. According to Gordon and Savoy, Passerby provided all of the goods at their tables. Thousands of dollars in goods have been given and dispersed from their table over the course of many days.

“To be honest, it feels like it came out of nowhere,” Gordon added. “Every morning for the last five days, there’s been more and more food just turning up at our table, even when there’s no one there.”

They’ve also opened their doors to others other than truckers and protesters. “We’ve had a lot of homeless folks come by and simply load their bags with as much food as they could carry,” Gordon added. “A lot of residents come by who have lost their employment as a result of this.”

“Well, we’re just out here helping to fuel up the trucks, keep the drivers happy, anything they need, we’re trying to take care of them,” Mark explained as he loaded vehicles. “They are fighting for our freedom, therefore we must fight for what they require.”

“We had planned to play road hockey, but we realized there was a need to look for gasoline and vehicles. So that’s what we were up to “He continued. Laura, a mother of a child, said she has been transporting the trucks to and from their motels.

“I’ve been carrying one to four people back and forth, bringing them there at night to catch up on sleep, shower, then bring them back for the day,” she explained.

“So we’re figuring out what they need every day, and we’ll give it to them,” Laura concluded. According to Mark: “As Canadians, we’re joining together, watching out for one another, and taking up arms. In my whole life, I’ve never felt more pleased to be a Canadian.”

“What we’ve put together has grown into something far larger than ourselves,” Gordon told Fox News. “Do you notice how worried these people are? That, my friend, is Canada. That, my friend, is Canada. Let us once again be Canada “Travis expressed this.

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