Representative Fitzgerald WARNS Newsmax That China Is PUSHING President Biden Out And About From Within

Photo Source: On US Visit, China’s Xi Jinping Will ‘Only Be Able to Go So Far’ (

According to Rep. Scott Fitzgerald, R-Wis., the US did not boycott the Winter Olympics in China because President Joe Biden refuses to challenge the Chinese Communist Party. Fitzgerald was asked on “Wake Up America” why the US did not boycott the Olympic Games, which were being held by a dictatorship that was abusing human rights and repressing opposition.

Fitzgerald noted to co-hosts Rob Finnerty and Alison Maloni, “the Biden administration still wants some type of give-and-take relationship.” “We’ll be debating the Competes Act on the House floor later today; what it truly does is capitulate.”

“I’m not exaggerating, and I’m not biased in this aspect.” They truly think, at the end of the day, that intellectual property should be freely exchanged.”

The House passed the America Competes Act on Wednesday, aimed at increasing competition with China and helping the US semiconductor industry.

Fitzgerald stated that things would be different if former President Donald Trump was still in office. “It’s incredible to me that they won’t take a firm stance with them and that they’re still being pushed around,” Fitzgerald added.

“If President Trump achieved anything, he surely fostered the notion that he would not be bullied.”

“That is not where we are right now. That is not what Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi wants, and it is certainly not what President Biden wants right now.”

When asked if Russia will invade Ukraine after the Olympics, Fitzgerald simply responded that some kind of activity directed by Russian President Vladimir Putin was unavoidable.

“Members of the House have been told, and I believe you’ll see some movement [in Ukraine],” he continued. “I don’t think there’s any doubt that Putin would initiate a brutal occupation.”

“What that looks like, and how many casualties it entails… I believe it will be an eye-opener for the American public to understand precisely what they [the Russians] are capable of and what they are attempting to do.”

Fitzgerald also said that he is more concerned about Chinas actions rather than Russia at the moment. He expressed worry that China now has the ability to attack Taiwan.

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