An American Example To Follow: A High Schooler Gathers His Classmates Around And Against Mask Regulations

Photo Source: Watch: High Schooler Rallies His Peers against Mask Mandates (

Young people in the United States have a bad image. Older Americans have a negative perception of young people or students as mischievous, erratic, and sometimes stupid children who embrace whatever ideology put on them by their teachers and professors.

That does not appear to be the case in this story. While many kids are terrible and exemplify everything that is wrong with America right now, following in the worst footsteps of the spoiled, radical young people, many others are brave patriots who are standing up for what is right.

That was recently seen in a video shot in Washington, when a young hero rallied his classmates to oppose the mask ban still in existence at Washougal High School.

You may view him and his speech here: “We want this to be a peaceful, respectful movement,” he exhorts his colleagues to be upright, righteous, and peaceful.

“We’re only attempting to reclaim our citizenship rights.” he said in his statement.

If such rallies against the mandates are to be effective, they must be peaceful demonstrations demanding regime change without allowing the dictatorship to fight back and appear to be the good guy.

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Teachers are not simply “performing their jobs.” Teachers and school board members are not just sitting around aimlessly.

They are the ones who have lobbied to keep schools closed and impose all of these miseries on their pupils.

They are also the ones who should be held to the same standards as the administrators who get the brunt of the criticism.

He offered his peers someone to look up to and beautifully stated how young Americans, and indeed Americans of all shades, can stand up and triumph when battling the corrupt administration.

If you wish to regulations and mandates disappear, we must follow in the footsteps of these pupils.

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