House Leader McCarthy Intends To Launch A Series Of INVESTIGATIONS Once The GOP Retakes The House After The Midterm Elections

Photo Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has pledged a wave of investigations if Republicans reclaim control following the November midterm elections, which many political experts believe will happen based on surveys and President Joe Biden’s declining approval ratings. According to the Daily Caller, Biden’s Justice Department, Education Department, and current COVID-19 regulations are ideal targets, citing the California Republican’s list of goals. Besides that, McCarthy’s office stated that Republicans will look into Biden’s Immigration policies, which “have resulted in record illegal immigration and crime along the border,” as well as the actual number of Americans left behind in Afghanistan due to decision making that resulted in a mishandled Afghanistan withdrawal, resulting in the loss of 13 US military personnel.

According to the Daily Caller, Democrats in Congress have evaded accountability for far too long, shielding a flawed government from confronting difficult issues. Republicans will also target big tech and corporate America, accusing them of “attacking free speech, turning woke, or cozying up to China.” The minority leader then accused the president of failing to address a variety of issues, including the country’s rising violent crime, the ongoing border problem, runaway inflation, and vaccination commitments.

“The American people demand answers from an administration that, due to one-party dominance, is not held accountable in Congress.” “A Republican majority will use every tool at our disposal to hold Biden accountable for his failures,” he said. “Americans expect Washington to work for them, not vice versa.” According to the Daily Caller, Democrats are bending and breaking rules under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). “McCarthy’s office mentioned Democrats blocking Republicans’ ability to offer resolutions of inquiry, which is a procedural tool that dates back to the first Congress that can be used to get information from the Executive Branch,” according to the Daily Caller. Democrats have “invoked the ban on this weapon 17 times,” according to McCarthy’s office.

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