BAD NEWS FOR DEMS: New CNBC Survey Reveals BIG Trouble For Biden Ahead Of The 2022 Mid-Term Elections.

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Joe Biden’s disapproval rating now hit a new high in December as fifty-six percent of registered voters are now saying they disapprove of Biden’s job.

According to a new CNBC/Change Research poll, Biden’s approval rating is now at 44% down from the 46% from September.

Issues like record-breaking inflation, rising unemployment, leadership with COVID, rising illegal immigration, and many other shortcomings of this administration have people from both sides upset.

Even people who supported Biden in the 2020 elections are now expressing their frustration with this administration.

“Sixty percent of the survey’s 1,895 respondents said they disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy, marking a six-point decline in approval from September.” An NBC report notes.

“On personal economic issues, voters are even more likely to criticize the president. Some 72% disapprove of his handling of the price of everyday goods, while 66% disapprove of his efforts to help their wallets.” The report adds.

Just 44% of the people who voted in this poll said that they strongly or somewhat approve of Biden’s handling of the market while a majority of, 56% of voters say that they somewhat or strongly disapprove.

Around 84% of the surveyed say that the prices for everyday goods are higher from a year ago, under the leadership of President Trump and just 23% say that inflation is “starting to come down”

Around 55% of the majority says. That they disapprove of Biden’s handling of COVID, an issue that was a major talking point for his campaign. Biden had previously called out President Trump’s leadership and his handling of COVID as a candidate.

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