BIDEN’S BORDER CRISIS IS SPIRALING OUT OF CONTROL: Illegal Immigration In The U.S. Out Grows The Population of American Cities


Ever since January 20th when Joe Biden first took office, his radical shift in polices seen under President Trump has resulted in perhaps the worst border crisis in the history of our country. Under President Trump, border security was one of his (as well as his supporters) biggest priorities; as a result America’s borders were the most secure it has ever been.

During the Trump Administration, we saw support for I.C.E. (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) at an all time high, as well as other means of securing the border like increase patrol vehicles, drones and most famously construction of the US-Mexico Border Wall.

Unfortunately, under the disastrous Biden Administration, nearly every policy implemented under President Trump that drastically decreased illegal immigration and the amount of drugs coming into the country has been reversed or scrapped.

This includes a halt on the construction of the border wall (despite having to continue paying contracts and border construction materials despite no longer building the wall; this includes having a massive boneyard of border fences rotting away), ending catch and release which kept criminal aliens off American streets, and possibly worse of all attacking the brave men and women of Border Patrol thus creating a negative stigma towards these patriots.

By removing these safe border policies, Joe Biden has created a border crisis the size of which has never been seen before. This has caused children to be locked up in cages (something the media relentlessly attacked President Trump for, despite these very cages being created under the watch of Biden under the Obama Administration), massive volume of drugs flooding American streets and now seeing illegal immigration reaching numbers never seen.

According to Breitbart, by the end of this December, projections show that nearly two million illegal immigrants will have flooded our country including hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens that were released into the interior of the United States due to Biden’s incompetence. Americans deserve security and a strong border and a leader who cares to put America First!

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