In The Wake Of Many Lawsuits In North Carolina Over “Gerrymandering”; The State Has Decided It Will STOP Its Primaries

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It has been reported earlier today that the North Carolina Supreme Court has issued a ruling delaying political primaries in the spring over two lawsuits challenging the so-called “gerrymandering” of congressional districts by the GOP legislative majority in response to the 2020 Census.The state’s highest court issued a preliminary injunction last week for the March primaries while also suspending candidate filing pending the outcome of the lawsuits.

Originally slated to take place on March 8, now the North Carolina primaries will be held on May 17.

The court explained that justices’ ruling was the result of “of the great public interest in the subject matter of these cases, the importance of the issues to the constitutional jurisprudence of this State, and the need for urgency in reaching a final resolution on the merits at the earliest possible opportunity.”

The Epoch Times adds:

Andy Jackson, director of the Civitas Center for Public Integrity at the John Locke Foundation—an independent research institute in North Carolina that examines issues of freedom, personal responsibility, and limited constitutional government—told The Epoch Times that an injunction isn’t unusual to North Carolina, with political district maps having been partially overturned several times over the years because of lawsuits.

“We had an injunction from a lower court in 2019 while a case was happening with the maps that were eventually partially overturned,” Jackson said.

“During that time, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision on partisan redistricting in North Carolina ruling that federal judges shouldn’t be involved in the state redistricting process, leaving the debate to take place in state courts, where it was ruled that the 2017 maps ‘do not permit voters to freely choose their representative, but rather representatives are choosing voters based on sophisticated partisan sorting,’” The Epoch Times noted.about:blank

“In the first current lawsuit, the plaintiffs are Rebecca Harper and others, versus defendants listed as Republican state Rep. Destin Hall, chair of the House Redistricting Committee, and other members of the Republican-led legislative body, as well as the North Carolina State Board of Elections,” the outlet’s report continued, adding: “In the second lawsuit, the plaintiffs are the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters (NCLCV) and others versus the same defendants as above.”

Both of the lawsuits allege that the redistricting maps, which were created in November, have been gerrymandered to the advantage of the GOP.

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