BOOM: Fox News Host DESTROYS Black Lives Matter Leader Accusing Her Of ‘White Privilege’ “Don’t Throw That At Me”

Source: Fox News

Fox News host Martha MacCallum did an interview with a Black Lives Matter (BLM) leader on Friday.

Hawk Newsome, co-founded BLM of Greater New York with his sister. During this segment, while discussing pro-police leaders in New York City, Newsome accused MacCallum of “white privilege” to which MacCallum responded and destroyed the BLM leader.

“People need to be safe, Hawk, people need to know that police are going to have their back,” she said while arguing that New Yorkers need police to “keep the kids safe” and that the city needed to “let the police officers go out and keep those same kids safe because they’re dying at the hands of gangs.”

Newsome then immediately pulled a race card and claimed that MacCallum did not understand what “he goes through”

”You don’t know what it’s like to be pulled over and thrown up against walls. You don’t know what it’s like to be riding in a car with your friends, as a college student with guns pointed at you. I lived that.”

“You live from a place of white privilege, where you don’t really understand how they treat us in New York City,” Newsome claimed.

MacCallum responded and said, she wants every one of every background, faith, and color to be protected on the streets of New York City.

Source: Fox News

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