BREAKING: Hispanic voters evenly split between Democrats and GOP, new Wall Street Journal finds

The nation’s large Hispanic voters are showing signs of dividing its support between Democrats and Republicans more evenly than in recent elections, a new Wall Street Journal poll has found.

The poll found that Hispanic voters are now split between Republicans and Democrats on the generic ballot at 37%. A further 22% responded that they were undecided.

“Latinos are more and more becoming swing voters.… They’re a swing vote that we’re going to have to fight for,’’ said John Anzalone, a Democrat and one of the pollsters who contributed to the WSJ survey.

Hispanics were also divided nearly evenly on the question of a 2024 presidential rematch. In an identical election between President Biden and former President Trump, 44% stated they would vote for Biden, while 43% said they would vote for Trump. 

Hispanic men were more likely to support Trump, whereas Hispanic women swayed towards Biden in the hypothetical matchup, the poll showed.

The poll was conducted between Nov. 16-22 among known, registered voters, half on their cell phones, a quarter on landlines and a quarter through an internet survey. The full poll included 1,500 registered voters with a reported margin of error of plus minus 2.5 percentage points.

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