BREAKING: Florida Reports Lowest Daily COVID Cases In The Country. Democrat Run Cities Amongst The Highest!

Source: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The mainstream media’s most criticized state of Florida is now reporting the lowest amount of coronavirus cases per capita nationwide thanks to the state’s Republican leadership and Governor Ron DeSantis’ policies that many in the media called “anti-science”

On Friday, the state reported a daily average of 1,393 coronavirus cases. Six per hundred thousand making it a two percent decrease over the last couple of weeks.

Governor Ron DeSantis was a subject of attack by many Democrats, the CDC leadership, and the mainstream media for not abiding by the Biden regime’s tyrannical policies and for protecting Floridian’s constitutional rights. DeSantis was one of the first governors to end-mask mandates in his state.

Contrasting the sunshine state of Florida, Michigan, a state-run by woke Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer is now leading the nation in daily COVID cases per capita. Michigan under its Democrat leadership had the most controversial restrictions in place.

Another liberal-run state, New York is currently reporting a daily average of 6,666 making it 34 per 100,000. Much higher than Florida.

The state’s former Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo who resigned earlier this year because of his sexual assault allegations was praised by the mainstream media and fellow democrats including President Joe Biden. He was considered the ‘role model’ for handling the pandemic and even received an Emmy Award for the same.

“It just shows once again the success of Governor DeSantis’s science based and data based policies,” DeSantis Press Secretary Christina Pushaw told Fox News. “He’s always made decisions based on the data and that continued even during the Delta surge this summer what he realized would help was not mask mandates in school or lockdowns but provide treatment that actually works.” She added.

“He opened the 25 state-supported monoclonal antibody sites and provided that treatment all over the state free of charge to over 150,000 Floridians, saved thousands of lives, and that happened starting in August. Since then our cases are down by over 95% with no restrictions on people’s freedom.” She continued.

What do you make of Florida leading the COVID negative rank across the country while Democrat-run states with heavy restrictions are still not able to control the pandemic? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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