Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen COMPLETES 3-year prison sentence

Michael Cohen, who served as a lawyer to Donald Trump for around 12 years, just finished his three year prison sentence.

In 2018, Cohen was charged with tax evasion, campaign finance violations, bank fraud and five other violations. During his trial, he represented himself, where he pleaded guilty. Later in the year, he pleaded guilty to lying to Congress. He was then sentenced to prison for three years. In 2019, he was debarred by the New York Supreme Court.

Cohen spent his first year of prison in Otisville. Then, after the Covid-19 pandemic began, he was sent home to his New York City apartment, where he remained homebound for the rest of his sentence. He finished his three-year prison stint on Sunday night and celebrated his new freedom online. On Monday, he tweeted a picture of himself with his prison release paperwork.

During an episode of a CBS podcast called America: Changed Forever, Cohen was interviewed by Jeff Pegues. “I am done Sunday night. Monday first thing in the morning I will be taking myself down to 500, Pearl Street, where I will be bringing my release papers to, I’m not 100 percent sure which floor, have them executed and then I am released,” he explained.

“I am extremely close and I am extremely thankful that I will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving out of my home,” Mr Cohen said. “But I have done 18 months in home confinement which is very difficult.”

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