POWERFUL: NBA Star Defends Rittenhouse, BLASTS ‘Black Elites’

Source: Matt Slocum/Associated Press

Former NBA Star and Washington Wizards center Kwame Brown on Sunday did a very powerful live stream on his YouTube channel defending Kyle Rittenhouse for practicing self-defense and blasted the mainstream media and woke liberal activists for “pushing racist s**t”

“Kyle Rittenhouse, that to me, in my opinion, looked like self-defense. — The courts found it as self-defense. The only bad thing is that he had to sit in jail for so long because they made something political that had that wasn’t or shouldn’t have been political.” Brown said in this live stream.

He later went on to blast the woke liberals and ‘black elites’ for pushing our ‘racist s**t’ he accused these people of pushing out the victim mentality propaganda by telling other black people that they cannot succeed in America ‘because of racism’

He also accused the ‘black elite’ community of distracting people from the Ahmaud Arbery killing trial by focusing and misleading people on the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

“But instead of that we want to make it like we want to tie it into something black, we want to tie it into something bigger, so we can have people come out march and get checks off a little teenager’s back. And that, to me, is corny. Trying to get money off of teenagers, trying to use the situation for a political game, to me that’s corny. Everything ain’t political, okay? — It’s a bunch of racist mother — you know what it is, a bunch of people getting paid to push this racist shit. That’s all it is,” he said in this video.

He said, these ‘black elites’ are hypocrites because “they get paid off of talking about how racist America is, but they got good cars, good houses, good everything, telling you how bad it is — They stayed at the hotel I stayed there, they over there living good and pimping so high so how is it so bad? — They riding, and living, and eating good. It may be bad for you, but it ain’t bad for these mother f**kers,” he added.

Source: Kwame Brown Bust Life/YouTube

What do you make of Kwame Brown’s rant on the Kyle Rittenhouse case and the ‘black elite’ propaganda? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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