HUGE WIN: DeSantis Plans On $1B In Gas Tax Relief In Florida!

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday announced that he is proposing the state legislature to suspend the state’s gas tax as Biden’s ‘build back better’ policies are driving record-breaking inflation and rising gas prices.

“The price of a Thanksgiving dinner is up over 20 percent just over last year. I think what’s most dramatic, because it affects most people in their daily lives, is gas prices going up. We think this is a huge problem for working families in Florida. Really it hits everybody, but it particularly hits blue-collar people, people on fixed income.” DeSantis said in a press conference from Daytona Beach.

This could provide immediate relief to the middle-class families who are already burdened by Biden’s rising inflation and supply chain crisis.

“The average family over a five or six month period, you know, could save up to $200. There’s a whole bunch of things that go into the price of gas. There’s different taxes, federal, state, local level, we’re taking over 25 cents from Florida and we will basically zero that out for as long as we can and do over a billion dollars. That’s going to make a huge, huge deal.” He added.

While Governor Ron DeSantis is trying to help the troubled people of his state by essentially cutting out the state tax, Biden on the other hand is dedicated to blaming everyone but himself for the rising gas prices and inflation.

His policies of shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline as soon as taking office affected thousands of middle-class Americans who lost their jobs because of Joe Biden and his ‘climate change’ administration. The pipeline was halted for several years but when President Trump took office, his policies, among many, starting the Keystone XL pipeline made for the lowest gas prices in a long time and also created record-breaking job numbers.

While Joe Biden is dedicated to creating rising inflation, killing thousands of middle-class blue-collar jobs, and setting a record on high gas prices, Governor Ron DeSantis on the other hand is trying to lower the bad impact of Biden policies in his state.

What do you think of Florida cutting its state taxes on gas? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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