SURVEY: More than HALF of NYPD wishes they NEVER joined the force

Leaked results of an internal New York City Police Department survey show that over half of the cops currently on the force regret joining.

In the midst of decreased support for cops from the city and increased protests, New York’s police force has grown unsatisfied with their profession, wishing they had never entered in the first place. The Department asked 5,935 of its force to respond to a poll, which was obtained by the New York Post. The survey was taken in March.

The results showed that 79% of the force felt that things would only get worse in the future. A whopping 56% said they would not enter the force if they had to do it over again, with 46% saying they believe the public disrespects them (42% disagreeing) and 44% saying the public distrusts them (41% disagreeing).

However, the highest statistic came from the 80% that said they feel trepidation towards fighting crime aggressively due to the fear related to criminal liability, lawsuits, or unfair discipline.

In 2016, 6,000 members of the NYPD were surveyed and asked similar questions. That year, over half said they hated their jobs. 87% also said the city became “less safe” after DeBlasio took office and 55% described the city as “a lot less safe”.

Several police reforms were passed by the city council earlier this year. One ended qualified immunity for cops, which previously prevented civil lawsuits. This resulted in 73% saying the public’s relationship with cops was not good. One cop, identifying himself only as Dan, said he would be retiring before the end of the year and was excited to “run out of here”. He also said that despite his family’s generations of cops, he had discouraged his son from joining the force.

Former NYPD sergeant and current professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Joseph Giacalone commented, “This doesn’t look good for [Mayor-elect] Adams. Not only is he inheriting a lot of bad legislature from the City Council and Albany, it sounds like he’s getting an apathetic police department.”

He added, “I don’t blame the cops. DAs that don’t prosecute, feckless politicians, removal of [enforcement of] quality-of-life crimes. What can they do? Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The ‘Don’t’ part sounds like a lot less trouble to get in.”

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