Students and Faculty Join To Sue The Uni of Colorado Over Tyrannical Mandate!

DENVER, Colorado – A group of sixteen students and faculty members are now coming together in a coalition to sue the University of Colorado over its vaccine mandate policy.

The group joined the Thomas More Society’s lawsuit that was filed back on September, 29 asking for injunctive relief against the university over its COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

This makes it a total of eighteen plaintiffs suing the university over its tyrannical enforcement of mandates. The group is seeking relief in federal court over violation of the constitutionally protected religious right to liberty. The university denied religious exemptions to students and staff members and is demanding everyone to get the vaccine regardless.

“This is a simple issue. The university has clearly violated the rights of its employees and students by agreeing to accommodations for those with health-based objections to the COVID vaccine but reusing to accommodate those with religious exemptions.” said Peter Breen, Thomas More Society Senior Counsel in his press release.

The 13 faculty members include physicians, educators and administrators, and five students. Along with the Thomas More Society, they are suing the university board of regents, the university president, and the chancellor of the university’s Anschutz School of Medicine

This was filed after the university un-enrolled a 27-year-old nursing student for not showing proof of vaccination. The student requested religious exemptions but was denied by the university.

Many students have also alleged being treated as second-class citizens for choosing not to get vaccinated. Many claim that the university is making them follow weekly testing and unethical questionnaires along with mask enforcements both indoors and outdoors. Some are also claiming that the university is asking unvaccinated students to socially distance themselves from the vaccinated.

“The university and its administrators have shown a persistent attitude of religious bigotry in their policies, in their emails denigrating and denying the sincerity of our clients’ varied beliefs, and in their filings in this lawsuit.” Said Breen in his statement.

“No government has the right to define a person’s ‘deeply and sincerely held religious beliefs’ for them, nor does it have the authority to deem them valid or invalid. The university’s foray into theology has gone even further, with its administrators probing and debating the religious beliefs of its staff and students, rendering value judgments on believers in an inquisition that violates the First Amendment and basic decency.” He added.

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