Washington University student who vandalized 9/11 flag display faces FINE, indefinite PROBATION

The Washington University student senator who was caught throwing out flags in front of the school on the morning of September 11, is now facing charges for his actions.

According to Campus Reform, Fadel Alkilani faced charges of lying to the university, theft, and interference with other university community members to “engage in educational, recreational, residential, administrative, professional, business, and ceremonial activities.”

As previously reported, the suspect said he did it to protest “American imperialism” and the Iraq War. He also responded to inquiries by saying “I did not violate any university or legal policy. Now go away.”

Alkilani will have to pay $500 in damages for the flags he stole and has been placed on academic probation for the rest of his time at school. If Fadel gets into trouble again, Washington University will be able to expel him.

The Young America’s Foundation (YAF) is said to have applied pressure to the school to deal with this matter. YAF had worked with the school’s Republican group to put together the flag memorial in the first place.

Washington University College Republicans chairman Nick Rodriguez told YAF, “This case was a unique one, and understanding the lack of precedence, it would have been great to see the school clearly state they would not stand for this behavior. College Republicans plan to pursue his impeachment from the Student Union.”

Alkilani will also be required to write an apology essay that shows remorse for his actions.

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